Freckles in April: Feeling Dressy

Friday, March 2, 2012

Feeling Dressy

1. Dorothy Perkins coral v-neck peplum dress
2. Asos color block dress
3. Alloy Carly Knit dress
4. Asos midi with belt
5. Modcloth Blue Isthmus dress
6. Vero Moda Button Back dress
7. Target belted dress
8. Vero Moda red midi dress
9. eShakti The Birds Who Gossip dress*

It never fails...we've had some warmer weather the past few weeks and yesterday morning I woke up and thought, "Jeans? Psh! Give me a dress!"

This is a very restrained list. I've seen SO many dresses lately that I love. Asos, in particular, is killing me but I've found good stuff everywhere.

(confession: I know I'm trying not to buy too much new stuff but I got #3 last week and LOVE it. A worthy purchase.)  

Don't forget there are often great deals on Amazon for designer fashions!

Seen any pretty and affordable dresses around lately??


  1. Ooh these are all so gorgeous! I can't wait to see you wear dress #3! I recently got a navy and pink striped dress from Target, but I have to wait till it's a bit warmer out to wear it.

    The Tiny Heart

  2. I have dress 9. LOVE IT. is awesome.

    I have been itching for a new dress. This is a daily thing though for me.

  3. How did I not know about eshakti before now? I have never spent $60 on a dress, but I am now sorely, sorely tempted even though I don't have that kind of money for a dress. My sister IS getting married in April. Maybe I can justify it for that. . . .

  4. #3 is perfect for you!! I'm loving the Asos dresses too!! You can never have too many dresses!!!

  5. #3 please. I've been looking for a summer dress and I think I've found a winner. I'm a little worried about the girls hanging out, but hey, that's what Shade is for!

  6. Dress #1 is so bombshell. If that magically appeared in my closet I wouldn't question anything.

  7. #4 and #7 are my favorite...both are classy and timeless to me!

  8. Ohh these are all SO fun! Love #8 and that little slit for some extra sassiness :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. I love the new look of your blog! AND I ♥ dresses, too. And skirts.

  10. I love the coral Dorothy Perkins peplum dress. SUPER cute. The asymmetry is inspiring.

    Cable Car Couture

  11. PS: On a happy note, that dress is only $49! But it's in size 18 which is no good to me :(


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