Freckles in April: Cruisin'

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I wrote a crazy long post about our cruise (I am incapable of recapping vacations in a brief way. I insist on writing down every single detail) and then I was like, " one cares, Kayla." and put it on our private family blog instead.

So here are the bare bones: I got this crazy idea to surprise Aaron with a vacation for Vday. I e-mailed Shawna, who is married to Andrew, who is one of Aaron's really good friends from his BYU days and who we haven't seen in almost five years. She suggested a cruise and it was a brilliant suggestion and a week later we were on a boat. It was awesome. The best part of the whole trip was their lovely company.

Outside Grauman's right before heading down to Long Beach

In Ensenada

Andrew and Shawna at our muster station


Just a little lost

 We found a beautiful furniture shop and spent a long while wandering around and dreaming of being rich enough to be able to ship any of it back to the US (it was quite affordable without the shipping part).

Aaron owned a butterfly knife for a few blissful hours before it was confiscated by ship security.

I'm not pregnant. Just sitting really unattractively.

Why yes, that IS my old ugly diaper bag.

Farewell, Ensenada

The best part of sailing Carnival

This was the highlight for me.

I miss them

The most exciting part of the drive home to our children who were not in the least bit happy to see us

When customs asked what we bought and I responded, "A Christmas ornament," they gave me a weird look. I guess that's not what the average cruise passenger brings back from Mexico.


  1. Carnival's chocolate lava cake is the highlight for me, as well. YUM. I'm so jealous. I need vacation in a really bad way.

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! I love Mexico, the people are so friendly there :) Customs, not so much!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. Looks like you win at wifery! I want that massive couch like there is no tomorrow - it looks perfect for reading and napping and maybe snuggling if I'm feeling generous.

  4. Looks like a fantastic trip. And I'm pretty sure you totally could have brought home that chandelier as a carry-on ;)

  5. The chocolate lava cake is definitely a highlight for me. There's a recipe that cupcakes and cashmere blogged about a while back (it's pinned to my dessert board), that tastes nearly know, in case you're going through withdrawals.

    Also, I would love to surprise Philip with a cruise someday. That would be so awesome. Great job for pulling it all off!

  6. So fun! I'm in awe of your skills. And btw, gotta love the pregnant pose, I've ruined many a picture with that one.

    Weirdly enough your friends look familiar, can't figure out where I would know them... Weird.

  7. I was wondering why you were driving to LA the other day! That looks like SO MUCH FUN and such a wonderful Valentines day surprise :) Aaron sure is one lucky guy! I totally want to do that next year :)

  8. Awww, looks like so much fun! I did a cruise once and loved's the ultimate don't need to plan a thing or think about where to have dinner vacation!

  9. Sounds like a great time and the fun of pulling off a surprise adds to it all!


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