Freckles in April: Winter Edition: Day 5 > Pattern Mixing

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Edition: Day 5 > Pattern Mixing

Our other repeat from the last challenge. I chose this one specifically because it was difficult for people. BUT the thing I read most from that day was, "This was hard but I love my outfit!" And that is what I am going for here.

So tomorrow I want you to mix up some patterns and love it.

Meg mixed patterns AND textures.

According to Tumblr, this photo originally comes from somewhere in here.

Sydney, via Weardrobe

Amy in one of my fav pattern mixing ensembles from the last round

Emerald of Sunday Crossbow

Post your pictures in the Flickr group or blog it and come back here tomorrow to link it up!


  1. I don't have an outfit to link up with today's Channel Someone post, BUT the outfit I am wearing today is perfect for this prompt! Is that allowed?! lol It's my first time mixing patterns and I do love it!

  2. I told Nate about today's prompt, and he totally pattern mixed on purpose. Striped shirt, paisley tie. It was awesome. I'll have to post pictures of him tomorrow too. :)

  3. Hello, found your lovely blog through... oh I can't remember, sorry!! I love these linkies, the pattern mixing will be really easy for me as I clash patterns on a regular basis!

    Love the outfits you've shown here, for obvious reasons :)

    Catherine x

  4. I love the stripes and plaid. I have been wanting to try that.

  5. I'm so excited for this prompt. :)

  6. I can't wait to see pattern mixing. Great post.


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