Freckles in April: Winter Edition: Day 1 > Layer it

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Edition: Day 1 > Layer it

I'm starting you off easy! But the biggest perk of doing a winter challenge is that we can wear layers. Layers add depth and complexity to an outfit as well as warmth. It's a great way to work in pattern or texture and there are a million different ways you can go about it. Layer shirts, sweaters, scarves, skirts, accessories, etc.

Anyone can throw a cardigan over a t-shirt and call it layering..try and push yourself a little. Look for a combo in your closet you haven't seen before. You can get really creative or go's up to you!

I think of Blair as the layering queen. I love that she layered plaid under her chambray (under leather!). You can pretty much go look at her entire blog for layering inspiration if you're so inclined.

Wendy's layering of a long sleeved jacket under an elbow length sleeved one is unexpected but super cool.

Linley's layering here is simple but the bright color of the shirt plus the cuffing makes for a fantastic outfit.

I used this pic during the last round of the challenge too but, seriously, check this guy out! Three layers plus all kinds of pattern mixing (plus the glasses and the watch and the bone structure). I love it all.
I think she layered a skirt over a dress (tunic?). Pretty and unexpected.   Source

Dress under gingham under cardi (plus a really cool necklace). Source (possibly not the original source..stupid Tumblr)

Love Krista's tights under socks under boots look. Cozy!

Love Kendi's button-up under a jacket under a fur vest.

Come back tomorrow to link up your layering outfit or post it in the Flickr group!


  1. Love all your inspiration pics!

  2. Love the post! All of the pictures are so inspirational. Thanks for sharing



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