Freckles in April: Open to Interpretation

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Open to Interpretation


I was just thinking the other day that OTI needed a bit of shaking up and then good ol' Erica sends this round's inspiration over-

From the Sartorialist [photo used with permission]

Ooooh, interesting!

My favorite part of his ensemble is the green socks. And I just happen to have a skirt in almost that same exact hue. Which I hiked up to my armpits and called a shirt. Or maybe a tunic? A skunic.

I carefully planned out my outfit ahead of time (and actually really liked it) and then my day was totally crazy full of errands and grumpy kids and then I was in the middle of making dinner when I looked up and realized it was practically dark outside. I grabbed my camera and pressed Aaron into super quick photographer duty.

I got two pictures: the above (which I have entitled "Boobs McGee") and one in which my left eye is closed, my shoulders are hunched and my mouth is in the middle of saying something that looks veeerrry attractive (entitled: "Quasimodo"). It was really fun trying to decide which picture should go with this post.

Sadly, Amy is sitting out this round of OTI but you can still go see how Erica interpreted it!


  1. I looooove those shoes.

  2. This is one of my favorite posts you do! Such a neat idea! yes I think slunic needs to be added to the dictionary :)
    Kaleigh xx

  3. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours! A+! (Didn't know you were being graded, did ya?)

    North Meets South

  4. Boobs McGee!! In a SKUNIC, no less! Aaahahahaha!

    Cute outfit!

  5. I'm with Janssen - love those shoes!

    lace, etc.

  6. You look amazing! I love that color on you. The upside of putting off the picture taking? The amazing sunset behind you! annd are you guys planning on doing another OTI link up? It was so much fun!


  7. I die reading your posts. Seriously. Boobs McGee - tee hee hee. I use the surname McFee when I'm being questionable... like when I'm sick I call myself Whiney-Pants McFee. Or sometimes I call my boss JerkFace McFee.

    Anyway - love the outfit. I did the skirt/skunic thing over the summer while I was on vacation. Way to expand the possiblities.

    And creat new words! Awesome.

  8. I really like this outfit, i like earthy tones. Also, wearing a skirt as a top? Go for it! You know that moment when you're shopping and holding an item that is either a skirt or a shirt and you can't figure it out so you're searching the tag desperately? I say...where it wherever you want.

  9. Well done. I like the masculine touches in the shoes, shirt, belt - but the look itself isn't masculine at all!

  10. Yeah I agree! I love this outfit, one of my faves of yours. You nailed it!

  11. Where did you get those cute shoes?! You look great!
    Jenny from

  12. You look AWESOME in green!!


  13. Redheads should wear hunter green erryday.

    And I love our evening skies!

  14. Wow! Super adorable. And a skirt turned tunic.. genius!

  15. awesome. the green looks great on you. and those wedges ... perfecto.

    unrelated: I'm about to go buy the grey Target mocassins. I need help.

    also unrelated: can't wait to see that coolia tank you purchased yesterday. I love the pattern.


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