Freckles in April: January 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby Copycat

My baby niece has killer style. She's already copying Kendi!

My sister noticed the outfit resemblance from my winter brights inspiration post and I had to share.

Also, I did something I never ever thought I would do.

I made a Freckles in April FB page.

I hereby solemnly swear to you that I will never make liking my Facebook page a condition for entering a giveaway or participating in a challenge. It seems like another good way to get to know readers (Twitter has been so awesome for that). And also because all the people who went to Alt told me I should have one. And considering all the other good, sound advice that came out of that thing I figured I should listen. 

(I am dying to go to Alt next anyone else kicking themselves for just staying home and reading updates on Twitter?)

SO, me?

Winter Edition: Day 8 > Dress up a coat

You see what I did there? It looks like a coat? Maybe? No? Ok, moving on...

Coats in and of themselves tend to be icing. I think just about everyone who lives in a cooler climate has a decent, good looking coat that adds instant polish or style to their outfit. The idea of dressing up a coat hadn't really occurred to me (possibly just because I live in AZ which doesn't have a real winter) until I saw this post from Elsie at A Beautiful Mess.

From A Beautiful Mess

The stuff she added is simple but adds so much to an already awesome coat.

If you're feeling crafty you could try adding a fur collar to your coat (or cape!).

The adorable Lizzie from Cotton and Curls
You could add a belt, a bow, a flower, a brooch, whatever. Up to you

Come back tomorrow to add your link. Don't forget to go check the Flickr group!

Winter Brights

Dress by me (similar), thrifted vest (similar), Gap jacket (similar), Kohls boots (similar), Charming Charlie earrings

Sorry. This picture was begging for a snooty mustache.

A couple years ago I paid full price for this jacket. That may not seem monumental to you but for me? That is huge. I don't pay full price for anything. I find something I want and then patiently wait for it to go on sale then I wait a little more until I have a coupon and it goes on better sale and THEN I will finally evaluate whether or not I really want it enough to spend money on it.

This jacket, though. I fell in love the instant I walked into Gap. There was only one left in my size and not a mark-down in sight. I bought it. Heaven help me, I forked over the full asking price and I have never regretted it. I have worn the living snot out of the jacket and it is holding up beautifully. Worth every penny.

And I really love it with this dress.

Link up your bright colors below! As always, don't forget the lovely ladies in the Flickr group.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Edition: Day 7 > Bright Colors

Winter tends to be a time of blacks, grays and browns. My trips into public places have been awash in people clad in dark neutrals. It fits the weather and, sometimes, our moods, but bright colors have their place in winter too!

For tomorrow I want you to add bright color to your winter wardrobe. It can be all over color or a small splash- whatever works for you.

McQ Prefall 2012

Gap scarf

Sarah Jessica Parker  [source]

Pretty winter looks from Net-a-Porter

Love the bright hat on Kristine

PINK pants from Kendi.

Rebecca in happy brights

Gorgeous brights bordering on neon from Julia.

Come back tomorrow and link up your outfit or add it to the Flickr group!

Decade or Region

ATL shirt, Gap jeans, Charlotte Russe boots, Charming Charlie necklace

I have a love/hate relationship with Arizona. There's a lot to love but a lot to make you want to run screaming for the (cooler and greener) hills. But since it looks like we're going to be here (please say that in your Sandlot voice, thanks) I've been trying to make my peace with the southwest. I even have my eye on a pair of cowboy boots.

There are many things I am still learning to love about my desert home but there is also lot I can totally get behind. Like turquoise jewelry! And 70 degrees in January! And fry bread. Sweet mercy I love fry bread.

Link up your outfits below! Be sure to go visit the lovely ladies in the Flickr group!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Winter Edition: Day 6 > Decade or Region

If the challenge were a little longer I might make these separate days but the halved time frame requires some economy with prompts.

I'm sure we all have a decade that speaks our sartorial language and over the past few years we've seen a huge interest in vintage fashion. Victory rolls, wide legged jeans, neon...all places we've bravely gone before but don't mind revisiting. My inspiration pictures start in the 20s but you can go as far back as you want for inspiration (know how to update a fig leaf? I would love to see that).

1920s inspired dresses and hair (2008 collections from Rodarte, Reyes, Dior and Reem Acra)   [source]
30s sewing pattern   [source]

All kinds of fantastic 40s fashion inspiration  [source]

50s style fashion shot by Mert and Marcus for Vogue in 2010

60s inspired dress from ASOS

70s style from F21

80s edge from Free People

The other day I saw a super cute girl wearing what I can only describe as a modern, daytime wear friendly kimono. It was a lot cooler than it sounds (I should have sucked it up and asked for a picture). It was obvious where her inspiration came from but it wasn't costumey at all. So if you have a regional style that speaks to your soul then go for it! Kimonos, dirndls, saris, lederhosen etc. They're all up for interpretation.

Obi belt (part of a kimono)  [source]

Sari inspired scarf (SO pretty)  [source]
Modern designer's take on traditional Turkish clothing  (I would wear that vest in a heartbeat)  [source]

I love Mexican embroidery!  [source]

I said this a couple days ago but try to keep from going Halloween with this. This prompt isn't permission to bust out that poodle skirt you sometimes wear in October. You can go all out if you want but that's not required. Sometimes one 80s inspired neon bracelet is enough to get your point across.

Come back tomorrow to link up here or add your picture to the Flickr group!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

OTI Inspiration


Since Amy, Erica and I do Open to Interpretation every other week there was an inevitable overlap if I did a 2 week challenge. It was my pick anyway so I decided to use it as a challenge prompt. I loved our last group OTI and I'm excited to do it again!

Here's the inspiration picture:

From J.Crew
Even though this is also part of my challenge, it will function like a normal group OTI. The link party will be open starting Thursday morning on all three of our blogs (you only need to link up in once place. It's connected to all of us). There are no rules but it would be lovely if you would link to one of us. Here's a button if you want one for your post-

Freckles in April OTI

Even if you couldn't commit to doing all 10 days of the challenge, perhaps you can do a quick OTI with us?

Winter Edition: Week 2

Here are the prompts for week 2!

January 30: Decade or region
January 31: Bright colors
February 1: Dress up a coat
February 2: Group OTI
February 3: Something that scares you

It's kind of crazy how much faster this one is going by. I hope you guys are enjoying it as much as I am!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Miss Mix-a-lot

Spotted Moth top (gift from my in-laws), H&M pants, Target cardigan, earrings from JCPenney

Surprisingly, this prompt was by far the hardest one of the challenge for me. I guess it had been a while since I made a go at pattern mixing and you should have seen my bedroom floor while I was desperately trying to find something that worked. I came up with some ridiculous outfits. I couldn't bring myself to walk out of my bedroom in those ensembles, much less venture into public. My boys were rather amused.

Hey there shoeless Joe.

Yeah, it's safe. BUT! I mixed three patterns. Striped cardi (had a Target coupon!), feather printed blouse, aaand subtly patterned pants. Pat myself on the back.

Also, we went to our friends' little girl's first birthday party and I did, in fact, wear shoes. The party was at a park so I wore my park boots. They're ugly and beat up but they keep the nasty sand off my feet. It wasn't worth the effort of pulling them back on for pictures. Laaazy. 

How did you do?? Link up below or add your picture to the Flickr group!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winter Edition: Day 5 > Pattern Mixing

Our other repeat from the last challenge. I chose this one specifically because it was difficult for people. BUT the thing I read most from that day was, "This was hard but I love my outfit!" And that is what I am going for here.

So tomorrow I want you to mix up some patterns and love it.

Meg mixed patterns AND textures.

According to Tumblr, this photo originally comes from somewhere in here.

Sydney, via Weardrobe

Amy in one of my fav pattern mixing ensembles from the last round

Emerald of Sunday Crossbow

Post your pictures in the Flickr group or blog it and come back here tomorrow to link it up!


Shirt free from swap, Old Navy pants, Charlotte Russe booties. The necklaces and belt were gifts from various family members

Can you figure this one out? The hair is the biggest hint. If not, the shoes should help (...they're blue suede)...


Little known Kayla fact: I love Elvis music. Lilo & Stitch came out when I was a sophomore or junior in high school and I remember sitting there in the theater thinking, "This is the coolest soundtrack I've ever heard." I picked it up a few days later. When my aunt and uncle found out how much I enjoyed that soundtrack they gave me two Elvis cds (CDs! How quaint). And I've been a fan ever since. Devil in Disguise and Burning Love are still two of my most favorite songs ever (also, MELT).

You ain't nothin' but a hound dog..

The casual wear of Elvis's day was not basketball shorts or jeans (how novel). Even pictures of him lounging around have him in slacks. I took a pair of my old charcoal gray work pants and skinnied them up. I've worn them once since leaving the work force when Stinky was born and I hated that outfit. A quick sew job and I think I might actually get some real wear out of them.

I really loved this outfit. Also, an old guy riding a motorcycle through the Target parking lot liked my outfit enough to pull over and tell me so. He especially loved my shoes. So that pretty much made my day right there.

And, I kind of feel like if you're going to try and channel Elvis then you have to attempt the lip curl. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot do it. I have embarrassing photographic evidence.

I share because I care.

Link up your outfit below or add it to the Flickr group!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter Edition: Day 4 > Channel Someone

I think we all have someone we'd like to emulate, if only for a day. Someone like Audrey, Marilyn, Cinderella, Katniss, Duchess Kate.

For tomorrow I want you to channel someone. Alive or dead, fictional or real, famous or regular Joe - doesn't matter. The trick here is to keep your outfit from looking costumey. You don't have to copy them exactly...just try and capture the flavor. Pick something they might wear. Give their hairstyle a go.

There's this person on Tumblr (via Polyvore, maybe?) who does outfits based on Disney characters and I think they've really got the hang of this. If you search Disney Bound on Pinterest or go to the Tumblr you can see a bunch of awesome outfits that get the general feel of a character without going Halloween. I particularly love this one:

Genius. Source

Cori channeling Audrey

Me taking a shot at Snow White

Looking a little Pocahontas  Source
Hayden Panettiere channeled Amelia Earhart for Glamour Magazine in Apr 2009 (I would wear that outfit in a heartbeat) (there were a lot of other good ones in the series, totally worth looking through)

Emerald takes on Rosie the Riveter

Elaine does the Black Swan.

Come back tomorrow to link up your blog post or go add your photo to the Flickr group!
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