Freckles in April: Open to Interpretation

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Open to Interpretation


My pick again! While going through my Pinterest boards I kept coming back to this picture:

Shot by Phil Poynter for Vogue Germany

There's so much to love here...a gorgeous silhouette, chunky metallic belt, big splash of red, big and bold winged eyeliner rolled up in a fantastic photograph. I adore it all.

I picked up this wonderful blue coat back when I was quite pregnant with Stinky (with very high hopes that it would fit when I got unpregnant). Every winter I rediscover it and remember how much I love it. I'd totally save it in the event of a fire. When I decided on the inspiration my mind immediately went to this coat. The end result was not something I ever would have come up with on my own but I loved it!

Pictures by Aaron with his 5D Mark II. Obviously.

Charlotte Russe coat and boots, shirt from Italy (a gift from my mom), floral skirt free from church swap, yellow skirt by me, thrifted belt, old headband

I feel like the pictures didn't really capture the silhouette but the bottom was quite full (I layered two full skirts to try and mimic the shape in the inspiration pic). I looked rather hour-glassy, which is quite the accomplishment for my squarey body. I also did a pretty serious winged eyeliner which was a fun change from my normal, more conservative little line.

I was worried I'd be a little overdressed for our trip to the ghost town but there were a lot of other women wandering around in dresses. Granted, they were paid actors (and some of them were faux hookers) but still. I was in good company.

Click below to see Amy's and Erica's interpretations!




  1. Really great inspiration and you look awesome!

  2. I love this outfit! The fullness of the skirt, and the color combination are just perfection!

  3. LOVE that look great! And the background for these pics is amazing :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. I like it! The jacket is really nice.


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