Freckles in April: Open to Interpretation

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Open to Interpretation

When Erica sent me her pick for this round I actually laughed out loud a little bit. It was just so perfect. Perfect for December, perfect for a group OTI, perfect for my closet (I got a little dizzy thinking of all the different ways I could do this one). I really love it.

Found on Pinterest but it's not attached to an original source. Anyone recognize?
I was really tempted to go with my red blazer and striped skirt for this one but I'm always looking for reasons to bust out my beloved red pants. If only I had a furry hat (or vest!).

Target shirt, vest from Meredith, Gap pants, Payless wedges, old scarf, bag free from church swap

I helped Aaron with a photoshoot (by that I mean I held the umbrella light stand so it wouldn't get knocked over by a tiny gust of wind) and got paid in outfit pictures taken with Aaron's 5D Mark II complete with lights. Fancy!

Click below to see Amy's and Erica's interpretations and check below that for the link party!



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  1. You look great, Kayla! I love that sweet little crocheted vest. =)

    Thanks for opening this up to all of us! =)

  2. wow. you look great. great great. those photos are bomb or beast as my little brothers would say.

  3. Dear Kayla,

    If I didn't love you so much, I might hate you for being so gorgeously perfect.

    Ms. Micoe

  4. wow! look at how many people have red pants. Great job, ladies.

  5. you did an amazing job recreating this look :)


    Fashion Fractions

  6. Yeah, I'm also kind of shocked by the number of people who own red pants!

    Great outfit!

  7. Oh, the red pants - how I love them. Am linking up now!

    lace, etc.

  8. I love your spin on this outfit! That little vest is dang cute!

  9. I just bought a red blazer last night for my outfit for the challenge! I'm so glad I did, I had zero red in my closet! :) Great outfit!

  10. I did my outfit as a polyvore set:

  11. Yea for fancy outfit photos! Love the red pants :)

  12. Awesome OTI! Love this look. It makes me feel like I need more colored things to wear on my bottom half. I am thinking some yellow/gold skinnies are on my Xmas wishlist!

  13. You look HOT today, Kayla. The red pants, red hair. Really, great take on the outfit.

  14. Sorry for the double link! I'm apparently technologically impaired and I messed up getting the picture to link. Love everyone's inpsirations!

  15. Hah, you even managed a blue wall like the inspiration pic. Lovely photos, fun outfit.

  16. love all the red pants...

    and i think i already told you, but your hair is SO GORGEOUS.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. K, you are gorgeous!!! Love your outfit! Oh and forgot to tell you how much I loved your shoes tonight!

    It was fun seeing you at the sugar party and it really wasn't fair my uggggly sweater beat out your stylish reindeer stenciled one.

    I will be back more often, now that I have your blog saved:)

  19. this is an adorable outift! what a nice new spin on the ensemble.


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