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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Dress

A couple weeks ago I thought to myself, "I'd really love a new dress to wear on Christmas." Almost immediately I followed that thought with, "Nah. I don't have enough cash to get myself something I'd really like." But then my brain went, "Duh. You own a sewing machine, tons of fabric, and multiple patterns that you haven't ever used. Get crackin'."

I bought this pattern ages ago so I could participate in the Presserfoot Mad Men Sew-Along. I carefully altered the pattern to my measurements and then..something happened. I don't remember what but I didn't get any further than that. Inexplicably, I also threw away every part of the pattern beside the bodice front and back for view A and the sleeve pattern for view D. I wish I remembered my thought process for that.

Crazy face courtesy of me feeling super awkward about taking outfit photos in front of my fam.

Fortunately, that was all I needed. UNfortunately, despite painstaking pattern alterations way back when, it was not even close to fitting properly. The vast majority of the time spent on this dress was nipping and tucking and trying to get it to fit like a wiggle dress and not a paper bag. I also lowered the neckline significantly since the original pattern actually had turtleneck aspirations. I did a neckline facing instead of a lining since, again, I apparently didn't feel the need to keep that part of the pattern.

Matchy! Love my Eos lipbalm.

For the skirt I used my wonderful custom pencil skirt pattern. It fit like a dream from the get-go. I will love that pattern forever.

Dress by me, thrifted belt and shoes, necklace from ATL, bracelet from JewelMint (Christmas present from my sister that oh-so-conveniently matched my outfit for the day)

Even with all the bodice alterations it still came together surprisingly quickly (two rainy-day naptimes and one late night hemming session) and I love it! I feel like it has a classic shape that lends itself to a lot fun remix possibilities.

The fit is still not perfect (that's my biggest sewing hurdle right now..I think I need to take a class or read a book or something) but it's a big improvement over my Halloween dress. I'm getting better!

Special thanks to Nikki for being willing to snap a few pics while also holding/bouncing her baby. That's a talented woman right there.


  1. Your dress looks fantastic! Way to get that new dress for Christmas by making it yourself : )


  2. Love the pattern...and the color is gorgeous!

  3. You look amazing! Well done! I would love a week where you did some kind of pattern review. I usually just go from scratch, or from a starting piece just because I'm not sure if I should invest in a pattern and have it turn out badly.

    I love the awkward reassures me. I did pretty much all of the 21 day challenge at my parent's house, and my little brother took most of the pictures...I felt super awkward as well. You, however, still look fantastic. Also, your sister is amazing. :)

  4. your dress is fabulous! love it.

  5. Love the dress!

  6. Wow, looks amazing!! I love the color and the sleeves. And it looks just like the Asos dress you pinned on Pinterest a few days ago! :) I'm so jealous of your quick sewing skills.

  7. Gorgeous dress. I was planning to make myself a nice Christmas skirt and then ran out of time...darn all those homemade gifts!

  8. I thought about making a Christmas dress this year (I've got fabric and plenty of patterns) but didn't. I should have!

  9. What a beautiful dress! And you were so smart to not go the "literal" route. Very nice.

    Being so close to the project, of course you see all of the little imperfections, but to an "outsider" it looks like it fits you perfectly!

  10. Wow, I can only dream to possess your seamstress skills. Loving your hair color by the way.

  11. Oh, Kayla. You look amazing! Love this dress!

  12. WOW! This turned out beautifully! Wonderful job! :)

  13. Ooh, super cute, and great color! Looks awesome!

  14. amazing. it looks so great. i love the color, and the belt is perfect with it.

    (THIS is a perfect example of a post i love seeing from you!)

  15. You did an awesome job! I really like how simple but classy it turned out.

  16. This dress is beautiful! The color is fun and goes so well with your complexion! awesome that you actually made the dress yourself. The fit, neckline & sleeves I would pay $$$$$ for to easily find in a local Target store :) haha

  17. I think this dress is so simple and classy. I added a link to it on my blog:

  18. Very cute dress!!

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