Freckles in April: Thankful

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Me and newborn baby Stinky in the NICU

I know I don't talk much about my kids and being a mommy on my blog but, seeing as it's November, I'm trying to focus on the things I'm thankful for.

Being a mommy can be a hard, thankless job sometimes. There is sass and poop and flooded kitchens and your shoes sometimes go missing and then turn up half buried in the backyard three weeks later. There have been a lot of days where my nighttime prayer has been, "God, I am thankful that today is over."

Baby 2 almost exactly a year ago

But there are also days when my babies wrap themselves around my legs and say, "MOMMY!" (or "MIMMY!" in Baby 2's case) like I'm the best present they've ever gotten. There are times when they are so grateful for some small thing I've done and I feel like supermom. And every day there are snuggles and board books and giggly bubble baths. There are kisses and tickles and belly laughs. Sometimes, in the few Big Bad Things it's hard to remember the million small, wonderful things that make motherhood worth the mess and snot and lack of sleep.

I sure do love those crazy boys of mine.

Feb 2011. Apparently, pants are optional at our house.


  1. Your children are lovely, this is such a sweet post :)

  2. Totally agree. Somedays really hard, but always thankful!

    Cute kids you have!!!

  3. Your house? Pants are ALWAYS optional. Also, shoes, apparently.

    I really loved this. Perfectly stated.

  4. ah yes, we have the pants optional rule too. boys and their diapers--too cute.

    tiring but wonderful....i agree.

  5. with boys, pants seem to always be optional. We live in CA, so it's not always cold when it's cloudy/rainy. Our little man once played in the driveway in undies and rainboots. Perfect for both conditions.

  6. Pants are always optional at my house. And on Sunday, shirts were apparently optional at church. Thomas wore just an argyle sweater vest. It was pretty awesome.

  7. "like I'm the best present they've ever gotten" Love that.

  8. So sweet. Our children are such a blessing. Its really joyous when you feel like they feel like you are the best present they've ever gotten - so true!

  9. What a sweet post. I've found that pants are becoming more and more optional at our house. Something with boychildren?

    Also, I think Baby 2 looks JUST like Aaron (rather, looks just like the pictures you've posted of Aaron) in that second picture.

    lace, etc.


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