Freckles in April: So You Wanna Be a [Fashion] Blogger: Part 3

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So You Wanna Be a [Fashion] Blogger: Part 3


Find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

7. Be friendly and accessible. 

Get Twitter. Respond to comments and emails. Leave good, quality comments on other blogs. Make friends and link to people.

8. Be prepared for the haters. 

Don't allow anonymous comments or get formspring unless you can handle it. I allowed anonymous comments for a while and usually got a few less than kind comments every week (I finally disallowed anonymous commenting after a day full of crazy spam).  People get mean when they're hiding behind their computer screens and it can take a while to develop a thick skin. Don't open that door unless you're ready.

If the mean comments do come, try to keep in mind that they don't matter much. I've decided that the people who leave mean comments are 1. Those girls who were mean in high school and still haven't grown up. They're like female Uncle Ricos trying to relive their queen bee glory days (in which case you can pity them) or 2. People who are insecure (in which case you can pity them).

9. Be gracious.

You are most likely an adult (I do have a few teenage readers. Hi girls! This still applies to you). You know how to interact with people in a polite and kind manner, yes? Do so.

Be humble. Be friendly and helpful when people e-mail you. I've had occasion to e-mail other bloggers with questions and it always blows me away when I receive short, terse replies (one time I got a one word reply and a link. No greeting, no signature, nothing. Made me feel really stupid). On the other hand, getting a kind, thoughtful reply from a blogger you respect just makes you like them more.

10. Be prepared for the time suck

Blogging can be like a full time job that doesn't pay you anything. If you're not writing a post or tweaking your design you can be leaving comments on other people's blogs or reading articles about blogging. There's ALWAYS something you can be doing on or for your blog.

Some people have the time and want to spend it on their blogs and that's fine! I do not have that time. I set myself a blogging time limit and I stick to it (these posts took me like 5 days). It's easy to get sucked in so set limits for yourself if you need them.

Fellow bloggers- anything to add?


  1. No, not really anything to add, just wanted to say thanks for your posts! I enjoy low-key blogging but I liked reading about the things that matter when you want to build a bigger blog.

  2. Thanks for this series. So many good tips! And a good reminder that I need to be better about replying to comments.

  3. This series is really great. My blog is sort of a day to day personal blog so I don't really care about expanding much but these are really great tips if I ever wanted to do so.

    I strongly agree with #9. I've commented on a blog before with a question and the author just sent me a short, sort of rude reply. It's nothing to get too upset about but it definitely didn't win them any extra brownie points.

    Also, just so you know...when I clicked over to read this post I gasped. This might be my favorite blog design you've ever had. Cute!

  4. These are all fantastic tips! And I can say, you're super friendly. =) I always know I'm going to get a friendly response from you which almost makes it feel like I know you. lol

  5. These posts have been a lot of fun. I already agree with them. I will say that I always get excited when someone 'famous' stops by my blog to return a nice comment I left them. Even if it only once that counts in my eyes.

  6. This is a great series. And you are a model blogger.

    I'd say also (and I know you've said it before), don't lift other people's content. It's YOUR blog, so it darn well better be YOUR words and pictures (unless you have permission).

  7. I'm not even a fashion blogger (nor do I aspire to be one), and I've still enjoyed these posts. I'm noticing lately what a HUGE time suck blogging can be, too--whenever I think something like, "Oh no! I haven't posted in 2 days!" or "Uh-oh! I haven't left any comments on other people's blogs lately! Turn on Baby Einstein and I'll get busy!" I have to have a little sitdown with myself and remember . . . it doesn't matter much. I truly think no one would notice, or care, if I don't blog 3+ times a week. I have to remember the reasons I do it--to motivate me to keep working and being creative, to have fun, to write and connect with new friends . . . and none of those reasons require a thrice-weekly posting schedule or spending hours at the computer. Great tips!

  8. great little series. i have to say, when i comment on a "big" bloggers' blog, and she writes back, that just makes my day to think she took time to write to little old me!

  9. just came across your blog and love this post. i blog to help my lousy memory stay fresh and keep my family up to date. but still helpful and useful info.

    i agree about the comment and email thing... it's not like they have to write you a novel in reply to a question but if you take the time to read their blog they should at least respond kindly!

    enough from me.... thanks for the tips!

  10. I love these! I recently started my own fashion blog, so these are very helpful! :)

  11. Really great tips, Kayla! Thanks for sharing. I'm just starting my own blog and loved reading your hard earned wisdom.


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