Freckles in April: So You Wanna Be a [Fashion] Blogger: Part 2

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

So You Wanna Be a [Fashion] Blogger: Part 2


Find Part 1 here.

4. Network

There are all kinds of networks and groups for fashion bloggers. Joining can help you meet like-minded fashion bloggers, learn technical blog stuff, improve your photo skills, help you get your blog out there, etc. IFB is a big one and I found a handful of interesting and helpful articles on there that helped me come up with ideas for blog building back when I was getting started. There are also groups for Mormons, moms, Anthropologie lovers, etc. Having friends in my blogging community is one of the big reasons I blog! I've met some really wonderful women through this here little site of mine.

If you're interested, you can also do button or link swaps with fellow bloggers to help drive traffic to each other. Not everyone does them but it's a good way for fledgling blogs to help each other grow!

5. Work on your photography skillz

Your pictures can make or break you. If you're trying to gain a following then you need good pictures. Period. The biggest fashion bloggers I know have fantastic style but I probably wouldn't be as in love if their pictures weren't equally awesome (Kendi and Sydney are good examples here. Amazing style bolstered by equally amazing pics). If you're using a significant other to take your pictures then consider investing in a tripod and remote. The most loving of husbands may start rolling his eyes after a few weeks as you drag him and the camera out yet again (there are some out there that enjoy it though. If you have one of those, KEEP HIM).

Even cheap point and shoot cameras can yield good pictures if you know how to use your camera right and a Canon 5D can yield junk pictures if you're clueless. Spend some quality time with your manual. Learn about lighting. Figure out some poses that don't make you look like a crazy person (have you ever watched America's Next Top Model? No? Now's a good time to start) (Smize! Find your light!). Find nice backdrops (shooting into a mirror in your bedroom with piles of laundry behind you is less than ideal).

6. Dress up your website

The way your blog looks makes a big impression. It seems silly when you consider most people use feed readers, but it's true! When I run across a blog that looks clean and polished with decent pictures then I automatically assume it's a fairly popular blog with a decent following (and I take a good look at the content to see if I want to subscribe). Big blogs have nice designs. Dinky new ones have basic blogger templates or one of those busy scrapbooky designs. My readership didn't noticeably grow until I spent some serious time on my blog design.

Make sure your font is legible - remember that there's a reason that black Arial/Times/Helventica on a white background is standard. Have your contact information readily accessible. Create an 'About' page (it doesn't have to be fancy but readers like to know a little about the voice behind the blog). There are thousands upon thousands of tutorials on the internet to help you spruce up your blog if you're willing to spend a little time playing with HTML (or you can always hire someone if that's too daunting for you).

Aren't you so glad I divvied this up into parts? Dryyyy reading, this. Final installment going up tomorrow!


  1. Really great tips though! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. These are great suggestions.

    Also, your new blog design is very fun!

  3. I've been mulling over changing the layout and such on my blog for awhile now, and this post gave me a good kick in the pants, thanks! Things are currently under construction and I'm working with a lot of trial and you have any particular sources that you found helpful when designing your blog?
    Thanks Kayla :)

  4. love the new blog design. If I knew how...I might steal it.

    I'll just tell Simon that we need a new camera so that I can start fashion blogging ... he will heart.

    Happy Tuesday.

  5. Thanks for the tips!! I probably need to get someone to do something with my site... It could probably be dressed up or down or something. lol

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Couldn't agree more with the good photography point. A good picture WILL make or break it and really influence the credibility (in my opinion). You are great at this one.

    PS - you might want to check out my post today. I announced the winners of Mindy's Christmas CD! ;)

  8. ah, man! You're making me feel bad about my "busy scrapbooky designs" I guess I'll have to spend some time revamping. Thanks for the tips.


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