Freckles in April: Repaired: Cream Skirt

Monday, November 7, 2011

Repaired: Cream Skirt

DEB shirt, thrifted skirt and belt, Payless wedges

I have been working very hard behind the scenes trying to get through my repair pile(s). And by that I mean slowly and surely ruining and then tossing just about everything. Sometimes in the battle of Self Taught Seamstress vs Sewing Machine the machine wins. Hard.

I picked this skirt up at a thrift store a couple months ago and have actually been wearing it a lot, though it somehow hasn't been in any pictures until now. I didn't realize it was handmade until I got it home and started looking for a care instructions tag. I think it's probably pretty old but it's really well made and has some beautiful details. Which you can't see thanks to these ridiculously blown out pictures.

Anyway, there were a few places where the seams were starting to come apart. The original seamstress finished many of the inside edges with lace so fixing them required unpicking sections of lace, repairing the seam, then hand stitching the lace back into place. It was tedious but workmanship like that should be preserved. I wish I could tell the original owner how much I admire her handiwork!


  1. I love the simplicity in this outfit!

  2. Oh and coming from another self-taught seamstress...I FEEL YA.

  3. This outfit is so adorable.

  4. I feel your pain about the repair pile - I am still in the "learning" phase of my sewing skills, which makes it very difficult to repair anything without ruining it!

    This skirt, however, looks amazing! Kudos.

  5. Question: I'm worried about your equilibrium, you seem to be falling over in all of your pictures. How are you doing? ;)

  6. You look lovely...what a nice skirt!

  7. I wish I were able to fix things--I usually end up sending them to the alteration shop (aka mom's house). This is such a sweet outfit!

  8. i really need to be a better seamstress to get to all my repairs. that skirt looks really pretty.

  9. I love that belt - so cute!

    lace, etc.

  10. This look is radical.



  11. I have those exact same wedges and I'm always getting compliments on them! Not only are they cute, but they're pretty comfy considering the height!


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