Freckles in April: Open to Interpretation

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Open to Interpretation


I have been staring rather longingly at Aaron's side of the closet lately. Since the weather has turned vaaaguely chilly around here I just want to steal his oversized long sleeved thermals and snuggle up. Unfortunately, since Aaron works from home he sees that I've stolen his clothes the moment he leaves his office to refill his water bottle. He doesn't love that.

The amazingly darling Jen Hammer from this post. Used with permission.

When Amy chose the above comfy outfit for this round of OTI I threw a last longing look at Aaron's shirts (he has the perfect one!) and then busted out my sewing machine. Time for me to have my own big snuggly shirt that won't earn me a stink eye for thievery. I love the way it turned out! I may not change out of it until spring.

This outfit actually kind of pushed me. As much as I love slouchy tops and leggings on other people it's not a combo I wear often. And I wanted my socks to show (they're striped!) but I don't own any shorter boots so I had to figure out how to make mine work. I folded them down (you can see what they look like normally here) and it looks kind of funky and after a day full of pondering my footwear I have decided that I maybe like it?

And, in case you didn't notice, I went red. If I could choose my natural hair color I would go with a red that is maybe only occasionally found in nature. I adore brilliant red hair. This is about as close as my hair gets to my ideal color. I looove it. If only it weren't so darn difficult to maintain.

We decided to do something kind of fun with the next round of OTI. We're opening it up to anyone who wants to participate! On December 1st we'll post the inspiration image and then on December 8th we'll have a link party set up for anyone who wants to play along. We'd love to have you!

Click below to see Amy's and Erica's interpretations!




  1. I"m so excited you guys are opening it up! I love OTI, and I can't wait to try my hand at it!!!


  2. You look great with red hair! I too am a fan. If I were to change my natural hair color, it would be auburn, for sure!

  3. Okay, adore this outfit. You want to make me one of those shirts, don't you? ;) Seriously, looks so comfy and I totally won't judge you if you wear it forever.

    Red hair looks good on you!

  4. Love the combo and now I want one of those shirts! I have a hard time with wearing loose fitting clothes too (even though I love the look).

  5. I LOVE the socks. That's too cute. Now I need to go out and buy me some short boots and some cute socks, so I can copy it. Thanks for enabling my shopping habit. =)

  6. I got a dress like this from Old Navy a few years back...and I've lived in it every winter since! It's great belted or not, with pants or tights, under or over anything. Love the versatility--and most of all, the comfort!

    <3 Cambria

  7. I love your Way to be.

  8. you are soooo gorgeous! love this casual look! <3


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