Freckles in April: Gift Guide Part 1

Friday, November 4, 2011

Gift Guide Part 1

I am one of those people that gets all annoyed when stores start celebrating Christmas prematurely. Thanksgiving is important! We need to take a moment to say "Thank you!" before we go all gift greedy.

But I am all about getting your Christmas shopping done early. I'm usually done before December starts and, if all goes according to plan, this year will be no different.

For me, the key to finishing quickly and painlessly is to shop online. Ideally, you should be keeping your eyes open all year long for good gifts at good prices but I think the only people who do that are over 50 and have FINALLY learned their lesson.

Here are some of my picks for this year-

1. Make the Bread, Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese
$14.42 on Amazon and eligible for free shipping if you can get your total order over $25
For the slightly crunchy girl who, for reasons you can't fathom, insists on making everything from scratch. You can read Janssen's review here and I add a hearty amen to everything she said.

2. Folding cutting board from MoMA
$18 + shipping from MoMA the store
I am of the opinion that you can never have too many cutting boards and this one is particularly awesome. No more veggies sliding off in wonky directions when you're trying to add them to your stir fry!

3. Cooking Light magazine gift subscription
$18 for one subscription, $12 apiece for two subscriptions
I had a subscription to Cooking Light for a couple years and loved it. My mother-in-law gets it now and it's the magazine I always grab when we're over there. The recipes are healthy but not in a "I feel deprived when I eat this" kind of way (I'm dying to try these cabernet short ribs with parmesan polenta).

1. Savoy Bracelet from JewelMint
$29.99 unless it's your first purchase, in which case you get 50% off and it's $15
Pretty art deco inspired bauble from Kate Bosworth's JewelMint collection. I love it so much that I told my sister about it aaand now I'm getting it for Christmas :)

2. Marcasite and turquoise pendant from Overstock
$20.99 plus shipping
I might be the only one but I have crazy love for the dark gray sparkle of marcasite. This pendant is perfect for adding a little color and sparkle to jeans and a tee.

3. Red leather bangles with gold tubes from Leatherwraps on Etsy
$23.00 plus shipping
If you've been around a while you know I love bangles and I love a good fancy+casual mix. These bracelets are perfect! I particularly love the red but there are a bunch of other colors available online.


  1. Oh, dear, I look for gifts all year round, but I'm not over 50! I have learned my lesson, however. My goal is to have all of my presents wrapped by December 14, which is the husband's birthday and hence, a real deadline.

  2. I need to do this. It's awful and I feel quite guilty about it-- I think a lot about what I want, but not as much about what to get other people in advance. Bah humbug.
    My husband is going to see his family for a wedding in early December (I'm staying home with our babies), so that's my deadline this year. I work best with a deadline. : )

  3. I love marcasite too, I think I'll have to put that pendant on my wish list! Thanks!


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