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Friday, November 25, 2011

Follow Friday


Here are some of my favs for your Friday. If you'll excuse me, there is some leftover pie calling my name.

1. Voice of Reason - One of the very first blogs I started reading regularly way back in the day. She is hysterical and so very right thinking. Plus she calls her son The Tiny Dark Lord and how could you not love her for that?? Also, she is the reason I know Janssen. AND, when Janssen and I met up for a double date with our husbands up in Utah a couple months ago, we actually saw Miss Nemesis at Pizzeria 712 and then proceeded to drive our dates crazy while trying to get up the courage to introduce ourselves. It was a pretty special day for us.

2. Busy Bee Lauren - A lovely local blogger who does a little bit of everything. I recently spent an embarrassingly long time perusing her archives. She just makes me happy. I particularly love her Tumblr Thursdays AND she turned me on to Doctor Who. I want to marry him.

3. Wendy Nguyen - Amazing style from an amazing woman (she grew up in foster care!). She also has some really awesome videos (you've probably already seen her scarf video floating around. If not, go watch and prepare to have your mind blown).

And a quick bonus link: have you seen this tutorial for winged eyeliner using scotch tape?!? As someone who occasionally has to redo their eyeliner 8 or 12 times, I am REALLY excited about this.

Have a lovely weekend! I hope you've got your Christmas music going loud and proud!


  1. How can you not love Miss Nem? Totally made my life to meet her.

    Also, this new design is rocking.

  2. You goober, that was so nice of you! I too am loving your new design, btw. :-)


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