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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Facts Were These

I love Halloween and dressing up. I thought part of the joy of marriage would be doing couples costumes! And then family costumes! Sadly, I married a man who doesn't find any kind of joy in dressing up and doesn't particularly love Halloween either. Sniff. I've borne it well until now.

This year I decided he was dressing up with me whether he liked it or not. I told him I'd find him a costume that wasn't too costume-y and he took the news like a man who has known me and my crazy for a few years. No use arguing!

It didn't take me too long to come up with an idea.

Her: Long dark hair and freckles? I've got that covered.
Him: Tall, pale and handsome? Aaron's got that covered.

Aaron's costume was easy.


Would a real, non-awkward smile have killed him? Probably.

I picked up a black t-shirt for $5 from Walmart and used a flour sack kitchen towel and some bias tape to make him an apron. He thought about carrying a pie around to snack on but that would have required me to actually make a pie and I was rather busy sewing my costume.

My costume was a little more difficult. Chuck has super cute vintage style. There are entire websites devoted to the darlingness of her wardrobe from two short seasons.


I scoured a couple thrift stores before remembering that I have never once found a decent vintage dress at a thrift store. Then I decided to make my own. I ultimately chose this green dress as my inspiration:


The fact that I love square necklines had a lot to do with my choice. As much as I adore the criss crossing on the back, I couldn't figure out how I would make that work so my back is plain. Other than that, I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. The fit isn't perfect (someone far bustier than me could wear it comfortably) but it's not too shabby for a first try at this kind of thing.

Baby 2 went as a puppy. OR, if you're familiar with the show, he was Digby.

Please check out that tail. KILLS me.
Ned and Chuck can't touch (it'll send her back to being dead for reals). So here are awkward non-touching pictures.

It was just for pictures though. We held hands for the trick-or-treating stuff and I'm alive to tell the tale.

Stinky missed out on the family costume party. He doesn't like costumes all that much so his always have to be something that is a shirt and pants and not much else. He went as an army guy (camo pants and shirt from Wal-Mart. Cheap and reusable!). I got him some dog tags from Hobby Lobby and he was SO excited to have his own "necklace." I think you can tell which parent he takes after.

How was your Halloween? Did you dress up??


  1. This is SO awesome. I seriously cannot believe you made that dress (where do you even FIND this kind of time? Do you not sleep?).

  2. Very fun costumes! I'm super impressed!

  3. I LOVE Pushing Daisies! Wish it lasted longer :( Cute costumes!

  4. That's awesome! I loved that show when it was on. :)

  5. I loooooove this!!! You guys look awesome! I miss that show so much.

    Lazy Saturdays

  6. I absolutely LOVE Pushing Daisies and I think you did a great job capturing the feel of their costumes. You look just like her! What a cute idea!

    My husband hasn't been too keen on dressing up, but I've planned family costumes the last few years, and he's coming around. It's hard to say no to a cute three-year-old boy with big brown eyes telling you how excited he is that his Daddy is Mario. :)

    Here's our costumes:

  7. My husband and I went as Napoleon Dynamite and Deb the year after that came out, but we haven't really dressed up since. This year I did this joint costume with my three-month-old baby:

    My baby looked approximately that good. For some reason, my yarn web did not look as great as the one in the picture. And it kept getting caught on stuff all night, so it got progressively worse. Oh well.

  8. Oh, and I love your costumes!

  9. I love your costumes! And you did a fantastic job on the dress! You could totally wear it on any regular day, not just Halloween! Did anyone guess your couples costume?
    We had a fantastic Halloween and despite that I thought our costumes were fairly obvious, we still had people mistaking me for Robin Hood and my husband for a warewolf!

    You know I love those bangs! :)


  10. I want to cry I love this show so much. And holy cow you guys look exactly like Ned and Chuck! And Digby! You should have had your other little one be Pigby! Haha. I love this.

  11. the dress is INCREDIBLE! Great work! And kudos to A for joining you in dressing up - it really is fun. Now I kinda want to see the show...

  12. CUTE! I loved Pushing Daisies and was so sad when it was canceled. You should have had Stinky dress up as Pigby, haha! :)

    Love the costumes, you're just missing a pie! :)

  13. oh, i miss this show! i kind of feel like re-watching some. your costumes turned out great - you guys really do look like them.

  14. AHHH!! I love Pushing Daisies and I LOVE your costumes!!!!

  15. Gorgeous dress! You could totally be Zooey Daschanel's twin!

  16. Gorgeous dress! You could totally be Zooey Daschanel's twin!

  17. AHH-MAZING this show is one of my favourites too, but your family look even better!

  18. Love the costumes and love Pushing Daisies. Whenever I miss it much, I pull it up on Netflix and have myself a little episode marathon.

    My husband's motto has always been "if you put it together for me, I'll wear it." We've always dressed as a family since our first Halloween when we were engaged. (I sewed 2 sweatshirts together and we were siamese twins!) This year, I convinced everyone to dress up as the characters from Disney's UP. (
    It seemed to be a hit with everyone.

  19. Great costumes!! Chuck seriously has the best wardrobe in the world.

    The Boy fell asleep right before the trunk-or-treat so we just handed out candy at home.


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