Freckles in April: Tied

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Aaron's shirt (reworked), Shade skirt from church swap, thrifted shoes, F21 bangles

I got this skirt for free from a church swap. The girl who brought it actually pulled it off the rack and handed it to me after she found out we were the same size. It still had the tags on and everything. She said it was just too full for her and it definitely is fuller than it looks in the picture. I wasn't sure how I was going to wear it but then I ran across this outfit from What I Wore on Pinterest and my brain said, "Ah HA!" The internet comes to my rescue yet again.

Also, remember those wedges that I talked so longingly about on yesterday? I went back to Target and the wedges I would have sworn on my life were a lovely light brown were...gray. Which makes me think that my subconscious knew I wanted a pair of cognac brown suede wedges and was really hoping Target would provide. Alas.

The hunt is on, apparently.

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  1. Um, I totally posted a very similar outfit AND title not 12 hours ago. Secret interwebs doppelgangers?

  2. I don't know what it is about this outfit, but I love it. It is so flattering and just pops. I think what I like most is I might be able to pull this off. Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

  3. The skirt is full, but it works. I love the contrast of the men's shirt with the flowery skirt too. Very cute!

  4. I've seen that skirt before and instantly fell in love with it. Way to rock it!

    North Meets South

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  6. that skirt is so so so perfect!

  7. I haven't commented on here in forever, but I still read your blog nearly everyday. I have had that same skirt in a different color from shade for almost 2 years, I have never worn it. It's really is full, even at the top, you made it work and it looks really good. Maybe I'll pull it out and try to find a top that works too. :)

  8. I loove this outfit! I wish I had more boyfriend stuff to steal, but he is just a little too broad for me to steal his clothes. I do it anyways, but not to be worn in public haha. Great take on a tied shirt!

  9. lol
    i hate when i think something is one way and then i realize it really isn't
    hope that isn't a sign of Alzheimer or something ha

  10. NOT FULL ENOUGH!! Hehehehe. Just kidding! I happen to love full skirts and dresses because it feels more glamorous! I happen to have those Target wedges but in taupe! LOVE EM!! :D Hope you find your dream pair!


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