Freckles in April: Tall

Monday, October 24, 2011


Thrifted blouse, Gap jeans, Aaron's belt, Charlotte Russe booties, F21 bangles, DEB cocktail ring

When I walked out on Friday morning Aaron's immediate comment was, "You're really tall today!" Between my high heeled booties and the bun I topped out at over 5'11". That's a good day for me!

I've also never gotten so many compliments from random strangers before. A girl at Shane Company and another one at the grocery store liked my blouse. The girl behind the counter at Baskin Robbins like my bun and we ended up having a quick how-to discussion (hint: lots of teasing). Two girls at the mall liked my turquoise booties. One happened to comment on them as we were walking by Charlotte Russe, where my exact ones were on display not five feet away. Good timing. 

I think I have an internal fashion pendulum. For a long time my thinking each morning was, "Skirts! I love skirts! I want to wear skirts every day!" And then it swung back the other way and I think, "PANTS. Pants are the greatest thing ever! I LOVE pants!" It probably has something to do with the weather since as soon as the rest of the world turned Fallish I suddenly wanted to wear pants all the time. We aren't really there yet, weatherwise, but I am pretending.


  1. I loved my dresses all summer long, but I'm suddenly into pants right now too. I need to buy more tights, and some new boots (my black AND my brown boots are dying and need to be replaced, desperately!) so that I can rock dresses for the rest of the year.

  2. You do look really cute, but I think those days that I get complements really pick me up, make me feel more confident and therefore get me MORE complements. This blouse is lovely though.

  3. You do look pretty amazingly fabulous.

  4. You look great in pants...and especially this style. What a great day to receive so many comments and compliments on your look. Good for you!

  5. I'm getting a very seventies vibe off this outfit that I'm loving.

  6. I love it when my hair makes me just a tad bit taller.

    I saw those booties at Charlotte Russe = so cute!

  7. i LOVE this look. the top is so great, your hair is amazing, just sophisticated overall.

  8. Very classy! I really love the bun.


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