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Monday, October 17, 2011

How Do You...

...see how many subscribers you have in Google Reader?

1. Pull up your blog in Reader. I subscribe to mine and keep it in its own special folder so it's quick and easy to find.
2. Click "show details" in the upper right hand corner.
3. Look next to "Subscribers"

...see what people have pinned from your blog?

The people liked the skirt.

1. Go to

Omit the http and all that before your web address. For example, to see what has been pinned from Freckles in April, go to

Have a technical-ish question? Ask away.

Because I KNOW someone is going to notice this, Delicious displays my recently bookmarked websites and I feel like I should explain that the "Designing Your Death..." button visible in these screen shots goes to this. I am not designing my death, but I AM making sure all our pertinent documents are handy, just in case one of us kicks the bucket in an early and unexpected fashion.


  1. Nice. I knew how to check my Google Subscribers (not that I have any ;)
    But I was wondering about the Pinterest thing the other day.
    Also, I really like that skirt too.

  2. I've totally been wondering about the Pinterest thing, so thanks! I had no idea people had pinned some of my pictures!

  3. You made my day, Kayla! I don't use Google Reader very often (I'm a bloglovin' girl), so I hadn't even checked how many subscribers I had...and was pleasantly surprised! Thanks for the tip!

  4. THANK YOU! I've been wondering how to do that stuff!

  5. Cool! Thanks for the handy tips! I never knew how to do that stuff!
    I still really love that skirt!


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