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Friday, October 21, 2011

Follow Friday

A friend posted this picture on facebook and I DIED.

Princess Bride! Reunited!

It's missing Andre the Giant because he passed away ages ago, which makes me quite sad. But still! Everyone else is there! Even an ROUS!

Apparently they all got together for an Entertainment Weekly thing. I approve.

Anyway, here are some lovely people you should go visit.

1. Lazy Saturdays - New to me but I was hooked from first read. Krista has fantastic style and she's just so darn cute.

2. Cotton & Curls - You're probably already reading Liz's wonderful blog, but if you're NOT, well then, hop on that train, my friend. She inspires me to greater DIY heights.

3. Fancy House Road - written by a group of sisters and their mom (who lived in my neighborhood in high school! Deb was even one of my leaders at church for a couple years). Lots of fun decor projects and general eye candy. Plus they host regular get-togethers for locals that I really look forward to.

Have a wonderful weekend!

(As you wish!)

(Anybody want a peanut?)


  1. O my word I LOVE Princess Bride! How awesome is that picture!

  2. love love LOVE this!!! Can you believe that my husband has never seen this movie?!?!?!?! I finally bought it and I think this weekend will be the weekend that we watch it. :) Thank you for sharing!! :D

  3. That picture is so funny! I've always loved Princess Bride. Thanks for sharing the links, too :)


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