Freckles in April: Elf

Monday, October 10, 2011


Gap shirt, Boston Proper skirt (thrifted), Target shoes and headband, necklace from giveaway win

That top picture wasn't the best one in the bunch BUT I thought my ears looked kind of elfin and...well...that just meant I had to choose it. Last year I tried to convince Aaron to do a family Lord of the Rings costume for Halloween because Baby 2 looked VERY elf-like at the time and I thought it would be awesome if we dressed him as an elf, Stinky as a hobbit (being all smallish, as an almost 3 year old is wont to be), I could go as one of the 3 token female characters and Aaron could dress as whichever of the hundreds of male characters he wanted. Perfect! He kind of liked the idea but worried people would think we were nerds. Which we are, but we generally try to hide it.

On an unrelated note, Janssen shared this post via Google Reader last Wednesday and I found myself nodding in violent agreement. My 9th grade English teacher insisted that everyone should be read to every day. Accordingly, we began each class with a chapter from Holes by Louis Sachar and, when that was finished, Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. It was far and away my favorite class of the whole year. I actually think about that teacher fairly regularly. I really hope she's still out there, teaching creative composition and reading to her classes. The world needs teachers like her.

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  1. Cuteness!! I love this top and skirt together. I also love the elf ears! =) Y'all totally should have gone as Lord of the Rings characters. That would have been so much fun!

    Aaah, reading! It's so important. We read to the 3-year old every single evening and we're starting to make the 1-year old sit still for it, too. She's kind of wiggly at the moment, but if we tie her down, she does ok. =)

  2. Hehehehe, I totally see the elf ears, but it's cute! You guys shouldn't hide your nerdiness! Nerd is the new COOL, trust me! =P

  3. When my hair was long and straight, I was called Legolas on the days I wore it halfback. Truthfully, it was a very striking resemblance.

    I love the skirt and shirt together. Great pattern mixing!

    North Meets South

  4. Love that skirt! What a great thrifting find. My husband is completely unwilling to wear costumes of any sort, but perhaps LOTR would tempt him, so great is his love for Tolkien.

  5. Lord of the Rings costumes would be awesome! You would be such a perfect Arwyn. Also, your ears are cute and so is your outfit.

  6. I'm a huge fan of family Halloween costumes! I'm working really hard to convince Jon on my idea for this year...

    I feel like I really need to work on reading aloud. I love when someone reads to me, but I tend to stumble over words - I get ahead of myself. I do okay with the kids books I read to my boy, but I know we'll eventually get to chapter books. I want to be smoother before then.

  7. ACK!!! Elf ears aside, I flippin' LOVE your skirt and am seriously jealous that I can't find one like it. You know what? I love the whole outfit!

  8. LOVE that skirt!!! It is just beautiful! Also really dig how you paired it with that knotted up checkered shirt - very subtle mix of prints - very inspiring!


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