Freckles in April: Costume-ish

Monday, October 31, 2011


I almost wore my Halloween costume to church yesterday since it's just a pretty dress but knew the universe would probably send some kind of dress-ruining mess upon me so I opted to leave it in my closet until tonight. Instead, I took inspiration from the same iconic beauty that thousands of little girls girls are also dressing as this weekend. Can you figure it out?

Wearing old sweater and lace undershirt, skirt by me, thrifted belt, Payless wedges (recent), F21 bangles

I actually wanted to do this for my last OTI pick but since we had already done so much yellow I went with my second choice.

Figure it out??

Snow White! It was kind of fun wandering around all day feeling like I was wearing a costume without really wearing a costume. I should do that more often.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? I'm ridiculously excited for our costumes even though only like 3 people will know who I'm talking about after I tell them who we are.

Happy Halloween!


  1. I didn't figure it out, but I totally see it! Very Disney-chic. And nice job on the blog redesign! Welcome to the world of 1-column blog-layout. So glad you could join us.

    North Meets South

  2. It took me a while...Someday your prince will come! (or in your actual case, he already has.)

  3. got it as soon as i saw the picture. will you post your costumes?

  4. Love this, I did a similar 'not really Velma from Scooby Doo' outfit on Friday but somebody called me on it. Your skirt is awesome you look really cute.

  5. I was going to say Kate Middleton! haha

  6. your hair/headband combo is really pretty. can't wait to see your costumes... clint and i are pretty boring, we don't ever really dress up.

  7. love the outfit. Your skirt is fantastic!

  8. How fun!!! I love, love, love that Halloween inspiration. You're very clever :) At first I thought Princess Kate because something about you really reminds me of her...but then I figured Snow White with the yellow and blue. I wish I would've thought of something like this, it's such fun.

    <3 Cambria

  9. Love it! I did the same thing for work! I was Belle for the day! :)

  10. Such a cute idea! I love your costume-ish outfit!


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