Freckles in April: The Wednesday Want

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Wednesday Want

Shabby Apple dress (giveaway win), Ralph Lauren blazer from a church swap, Mervyn's shoes, thrifted belt, swapped earrings. Upon reflection, I realized that the only thing I paid for here was the shoes (and they were on sale). Not bad!

All I want right now is FALL. I want Fall temperatures and Fall foods and Fall leaves and the whole shebang. I want pumpkin bread, dang it! The day I wore this the temperature broke 100. It was depressing. FORTUNATELY, most Arizona businesses/churches/etc. feel like this:

Person 1: I hear it's going to be 105 today.
Person 2: Oh snap. Better crank the A/C down to 50 degrees. You know...just in case.
Person 1: Oh totally. Can't be too careful.
Person 2: Yeah, we can't have people being at a comfortable temperature ever during the summer.
Person 1: Don't I know it.

And that's why you will see people taking sweaters into movie theaters in the dead of July. And why I can wear a blazer to church and be perfectly comfortable even when it's 100+.


Also, check it out:

I broke 1000 subscribers in Google Reader! On the one hand, YAY! On the other hand, who ARE all those people?? I kind of keep having to force myself to just not think about it and assume you are all lovely non-creepy people. Thank you, normal nice non-serial-killer people for reading my blog! I think you're neat.

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  1. OoooooOoOoOoOoooooooh I luuuuuuuuurve this outfit!

  2. I hate cold churches...all I can ever think about is how cold I am. ;)

    I love the color combo!

  3. Ugh, it's the exact same way in Florida. Especially in the ancient buildings at my college! Old brick is amazing at containing cold in, but of course in the winter, it stinks at containing heat.

    A Sweet Release

  4. Love this outfit! And congrats on the all the subscribers!


  5. I love those colors together. And hopefully all those subscribers aren't creeps!! :)

  6. You have fall in your outfit! I love those colors together! Maybe try the belt under the blazer and have the blazer open with the sleeves rolled? Not that you were asking for fashion advice.

    And I love hearing that you are semi-afraid of your subscribers.

    North Meets South

  7. Yay, blazer! I have almost these exact pieces, and this type of outfit is on my list as soon as the dang humidity lifts. Where is my crisp fall weather, HMMM?

  8. BAHAHAHA I totally know what you mean with the weather! I'm from Oklahoma and I never know how to dress; for the weather or for the office tempature? Sweat to death while walking in or freeze to death while sitting down? :)

  9. That is a great outfit. Even if the dress is from SA :)

  10. LOL - here's one google reader subscriber who isn't a creeper ;) I'm in my last semester of college and then I'll be moving out into real life! yay :)

    Love the color combo!

  11. Lovely outfit!
    I hope fall weather hits you soon!

  12. I follow you on google reader but i'm totally not creepy! Just looking for inspiration on how to mix up my wardrobe a little more :)
    I can't imaging ever having that many readers!

  13. Love the look!! Sorry the temps didn't actually accommodate said look :)

  14. Such a great polished look. The churches here in NY tend to be really old landmark buildings so they don't have airconditing- and that is a doosy.

    Liv @

  15. Love the color combo here!!! I've seen several orange dresses this fall, and now I want one. :)


  16. Kayla congratulations!! That's awesome.

  17. Yay! You got a blazer! I love it!

  18. Haha, I promise I'm not a creeper! I'm just a fourteen year old girl who is too scared to start her own blog. I do, however, quite enjoy reading yours!
    Love your outfit, by the way! I'm always too afraid to wear orange because of my red hair... ;)
    Have a fabulous day!

  19. First and foremost, you look beautiful! My eyes lit up when I saw this look. Complete with your hair and the colors of it: beautiful!

    Secondly, congrats on making it past 1000 subscribers! I just made it past 100 and I'm SO excited! One day I'll be at your status!

    I'd be SO uncomfortable in a freezing cold church/movie theater. My body is so indecisive about weather and temperature conditions. Too cold is terrible. Too warm is even worse. That's why I love spring and fall. They're just right. Like Baby Bear's porridge.

    -Steph from chocolate laced

  20. Love the outfit and congratulations on passing 1000 followers. I just started and I got super excited when I got my first follower... which is still my only follower but it is still fun. If it helps at all just imagine your subscribers naked... wait that only works for public speaking. Don't think about it too much. Oh you can try to have a subscriber feature week where you can feature some things from subscribers and get to know them a little more. Just a thought. Thanks for having an awesome blog.

    -Crystal of Fancy Matter

  21. I love the orange dress. What a cute fall look! Congrats on 1000+ followers. I'm one, and I, promise I'm neither creepy nor a serial killer. Church going librarian, here.

  22. Congrats on your over 1,000 followers!! (:

    Oh, and love the outfit! You look ahmazing.

    xo Emily

  23. You are so cute! And your blog is adorable! I'm your newest follower :) Congrats on the following! HOw exciting!

    Would love for you to stop by and say hi at my blog! Be sure to check out my super fun $25 gift card giveaway too!

    Along Abbey Road

  24. I love the dress. it's so cute!

  25. It's because you're awesome! =) And I love those colors together. You look lovely!

  26. I subscribe via google reader, and I love your blog. I used to be in your FHE group when we were freshmen in college. So just think of your 1000 subscribers as 1000 acquaintances who like to keep up. Maybe?

  27. Holy gorgeous!! I love this outfit. Those colors are so perfect together and makes me yearn for it to get colder!

  28. Love that you like like you could attend Hogwarts in this outfit. Beautiful as always.


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