Freckles in April: Sunday Shoes

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sunday Shoes

Ann Taylor Loft shirt, Wet Seal skirt, thrifted shoes, F21 bracelets, Petal and Pink earrings
I confess that I didn't last real long in these shoes. I used to wear heels several times a week and my feet were used to it and I was comfortable. I've gotten out of the habit though and my feet have gotten used to barefootedness and flats and they rebelled hard against the heels. Darn feet.

Let's see those pretty shoes! Link your blog post below or add to the Flickr group!


  1. Your skirt is so pretty! And I love the colour of your shirt :)

  2. I am sorry that I am having a hard time seeing your shoes, but I LOVE your skirt!!
    Hope your holiday weekend is going well so far.

  3. Kayla--that skirt is ahhhhhmazing on you! Love it! And I hear you on the shoes. I'm pretty sure heels are meant to be worn for 2 hours tops.


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