Freckles in April: Statement Jewelry

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Statement Jewelry

Old shirt, necklace from Last Chance, Gap jeans, Payless shoes, Target watch

I'll be honest, I picked this prompt specifically so I could force myself to wear this necklace. I got it at Last Chance ages ago but have had the darndest time figuring out exactly how to wear it. I thought it would be a good necklace to dress up a plain tee but it looked weird. It looks better with the back tucked under a collar of some sort.

Yes it's crooked. No I did not do that on purpose.
I still don't love it as much as I thought I would. Oh well, maybe some day the perfect shirt or dress will come along.

Let's see that jewelry! Link up here or in the Flickr group!


  1. I absolutely love this outfit!

  2. I do like what you did with it! I have some necklaces like that (2, to be specific).

  3. I think it's pretty! And it really adds some spice to the classic white shirt and jeans.

  4. You always look so great and put together!
    I had a necklace like that until I broke =( and it was so hard to wear! I only wore it once and just felt weird....maybe you could pin a flower or a different type of pin to it and that could make it better? But I definitely like it here with your white shirt - makes it pop!

  5. I love the necklace. I never know what to do when I get a necklace that's a weird length, or lays weird, or just....doesn't behave itself. Keep trying with it. It's really an awesome piece of jewelry!

  6. can you turn the necklace backwards?
    have the fine silver chains in the back?
    that would look really cool or even wear it asymetrically.

  7. love the necklace. Definitely worth getting into the rotation more often.

  8. That necklace is gorgeous. I'll bet it would look fabulous with a LBD and some killer heels for a night out look.

  9. Love that necklace and that location! Very pretty pic :)

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  11. What a neat piece of jewelry! I kind of like it crooked. :-)


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