Freckles in April: Scarf Bib. Scarib?*

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Scarf Bib. Scarib?*

Wearing shirt from Italy, Old Navy tank, thrifted scarf, Gap jeans, Soda sandals

*not to be confused with scarab.

One of the weird side effects of fashion blogging has been that I sort of no longer know how to just do casual. Date night or church? I will own you! Joy school at my house with six kids? Cue staring into closet with large deer-in-headlight eyes. Jeans? Ok that sounds kid friendly. And a scarf? Yes! Those things work together! I think? With pink? What did I used to wear on days like this??

I'm determined to learn how to wear scarves. They are kind of my great white whale. I always feel silly and look like a flight attendant. Or, in this case, like I'm wearing a large silk bib (in my defense, it looked more scarf-y before the whole 'six kids under 3 1/2' part of my day and I couldn't ever get it back to the way it was). On the plus side, it did keep bubble solution and peanut butter off my shirt, so there's that.

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  1. I agree with you 100% I have stayed away from scarfs because I could not figure out how to wear them! I am seriously regretting that decision though! I want to try them out!!


  2. I felt that way too, but then I started wearing a lot of scarves. I had to because of the nature of my clothing blog--I have to wear everything I have! I've managed to wear them a bunch of different ways, so check them out here:


  3. You need to stop reading my mind because I said the exact same thing to Spencer! Scaribs shouldn't be confused with scarabs!

    Ok, I actually despaired at how I no longer know how to dress casual. Jeans are such a foreign object to me, which makes me very, very :(

    North Meets South

  4. I keep seeing tutorials on Pinterest about scarf-tying... I haven't tried any of them yet. But Already Pretty did an outfit yesterday where she wore TWO scarves, and it was really nice-looking.

  5. Scarves use to intimate me as well, but this website helped me get over my fears and now I will throw on a scarf no problem
    check it out


  6. i know EXACTLY what you mean! I can put together a work outfit that I feel FABULOUS in. But going to a casual dinner or a football game and I could cry!

  7. I've mostly just stopped dressing "casual." I wear a skirt to almost everywhere except yoga where, naturally, I am as casual as I ever get. ;)


  8. A scarf/bib? I'd call it a "Birf". ;)

  9. I try to wear scarves as much as possible in fall to avoid too many layers when I'm in various temps throughout the day. I've never thought of tying it at the neck in bib-like fashion. I might have to try that...

  10. I have the EXACT SAME problem with making casual still put together! I feel like I did a good job in the challenge with putting together some spiffy outfits, but when I'm just going to be home with Jesse, I'd still like to look nice! Otherwise I just default to boring jeans/t-shirt. I think this should be addressed in the next Challenge!

  11. i love the scarb! It looks great with a belt over least on other folks that is, not sure I've successfully pulled it off yet!


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