Freckles in April: Repaired: Chambray Skirt

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Repaired: Chambray Skirt

ATL top, vest from Meredith, JCPenney skirt, Charlotte Russe sandals (recent), F21 bangles, old bracelet (from a high school dance!), various necklaces
This is actually a two-fer. This top was just a teensy bit too low cut so I put a couple small tucks in the back to bring the neckline up.

If you have an elephant's memory then you may recall this skirt. I did a Wednesday Want on it a while back. Shortly after that post went up I was walking through JCPenney and the skirt was on sale. I grabbed what I thought was my size and went home rejoicing. Turns out I should have reached for the next size down. It's fine in the waist- it just sits a bit lower- but it was obviously too large in the hips. I wasn't sure how to go about remedying that since it has a side zipper so into the pile it went.

The skirt is made up of panels so once I spent 3 seconds thinking about it I realized I could just take it in a little at a couple panels. It was super fast and it annoys me that I went the whole summer without just sucking it up and doing it.

Looking at this picture makes me think that perhaps I need to hem it up an inch or two. Back into the pile...

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  1. I really think it's a wonderful skirt! So glad that you finally pulled it out of the repair pile. I love midi length dresses right now, and the relaxed chambray material of this one is just lovely. The pop of colors from the sandals and tee really make for a wonderful look.

    Always love clicking over to your blog to see the latest. It's wonderful!

    Callie @

  2. LOVE those sandals, but good heavens, I have no luck with CR shoes - they all just FALL apart on me.

  3. I third the love-you-sandals movement. The color. Mucho gusto.

    This South Korean's Got Seoul

  4. This outfit is so cute - nice job with the skirt!

  5. I think the skirt looks great! Even at that length it's flattering I think.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  6. Lovely outfit! I think the skirt is cute as is, but could be cuter a few inches shorter (up to you).
    I've checked out your blog and LOVE it! I'd love if you dropped by my modest fashion blog:


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