Freckles in April: Last Daaaay!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Last Daaaay!

SeeSaw Vintage dress, Etsy earrings, F21 bracelets, Charlotte Russe boots (...and Bang Thing bangs)

I'm always trying to do things with this dress. Add a belt. Add a cardigan. A scarf! Maybe some necklaces? Then I remembered this post of Kendi's and decided to just let a pretty dress be a pretty dress. I wore these gorgeous filigree earrings with turquoise drops and a pair of boots out of an ill-advised attempt to bring on Fall weather (I ended up changing into a pair of heels. I was dying).

And, in case you didn't notice the elephant behind me, that right there is our beloved backyard tree. We've had some good storms this monsoon season and apparently our tree just couldn't take it anymore and it went down.

I'm absolutely devastated. It was a big part of what made our backyard so pleasant. AND its shade was the only reason I was able to take outfit photos during naptime while the sun was still high. Crushing blows all around.

Personal tragedy aside, I'm kind of sad because today is the last day of the challenge (well..kind of the last day. We still have a few days before all the link-ups are closed). Are you so done? Kind of sad? Ready to move on?

Link up your outfits below! And, as always, don't forget to visit the beautiful women in the Flickr group!


  1. I love those bangs!! I bet it will be awkward when you don't wear them one day and then have to explain it was fake hair. I've had episodes like that when i dyed the underneath of my hair pink. " .. it's real? you dyed your hair pink?"

  2. I remember that post of Kendi's
    So true, so true
    I am glad you mentioned that you had to change out of your boots
    I was beginning to get pea green with envy that you were able to wear boots already! :)
    Thanks so much for this fun challenge
    I will miss it!

  3. The all white with the brown boots is gorgeous! I am inspired, especially for this Labor day weekend! What a terrific way to still wear white. If only it wasn't too hot for boots. :)

    Thank you so much, Kayla, for hosting this challenge. This has been one of my best blogging experiences thus far!! You're the bomb!

  4. The dress is stunning. love it. I'm so sorry about your tree. It really was beautiful.

    I'm excited... as two of my friends decided to start the 21-day challenge on the 6th, when they got back to school, and I'm doing it with them. Getting to try over again, with the knowledge from the last three weeks is something I'm looking forward to it/

  5. Loved the challenge Kayla! Thanks so much! Hope you'll do another one soon!

  6. Maybe you should just leave the tree there. It makes for a cool photo!! ;)

  7. Looks like an anthro shoot! Except for the sad tree, of course.

    Congrats on such a successful challenge--I didn't participate this time, but maybe the next go-round!

  8. I have LOVED watching all the challenges! It totally had me thinking about my outfits every day! I should have participated, but things got crazy, and my maternity wardrobe is so limited right now. It was still fun to watch! Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Sorry about your tree!!

    I have loved the challenge. It's been really fun to get out of my comfort zone in terms of fashion and self-image.

  10. Too bad about the tree - but it does provide an interesting backdrop :D

    That is a gorgeous dress, btw. And I love the bangs. I haven't had bangs since 3rd grade or something, but I might just try this out.

    Thanks for hosting this challenge, Kayla. It's been super fun!

    14 Shades Of Grey

  11. And you're rockin' your bangs again, too! You look gorgeous!

    The tree actually makes for a great photo. But sorry it fell! We have lots of trees in our backyard and we really want them gone!! All of the mosquitoes and bugs and spiders that come with the trees, I can do without. lol

  12. After I read your post this morning all I could think of (again) is that I need to get me a white dress just like yours! As usual you look great!
    Thanks so much for hosting this challenge- I learned WAY more than I thought I would and am excited to put more things in my closet to use!

  13. Thanks for hosting! Even though I only made 7 days due to the start of school and homeschooling, it was so fun! I know it was a lot of work and I wanted you to know I appreciated it all!

  14. Oh, your poor tree! I'm so sorry it fell! And I really love this outfit. Simple and oh so gorgeous. I really want those bangs now.

    North Meets South

  15. You look absolutely STUNNING in that pic!! Seriously, you are gorgeous!!!!!!! I made the pic bigger on my screen and started at you for a minute! You hair and bangs look amazing and I just love the whole pic!

  16. You look so ethereal! I think that's what I love so much about the pic....

  17. We lost our big gorgeous backyard tree last fall I cried about it (our landlord cut it down because he was worried it would fall and hit the house). SO sad. We also have to run our A/C at least three times as much as we did last year, just from the loss of shade! You can see the old stump in a lot of my photos - we keep talking about putting a table top on it for a backyard party, but I don't know if we'll ever follow through with that...

    Thanks so much for hosting this challenge. I'm still a couple days behind getting stuff up, but it has been a lot of fun. I loved running to the computer every morning while getting ready to see my new prompt!

    I hope this all turned out as well as you hoped...maybe even well enough to try it again sometime! :-) great job!

  18. That is a pretty dress, and I like it with the boots. How sad about your tree.

  19. i love the way that dress looks on you. so glad you bought it. and i'm totally convinced by the bang thing - kind of want to try it. glad the challenge went well!


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