Freckles in April: For My Besty Pal

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

For My Besty Pal

For my golden birthday this year Janssen wrote just about the nicest post ever. It was one of the best gifts I could imagine from her and, when I've had the occasional bad day, I've gone back to read it to remind myself that, hey, Janssen loves me!

Seeing as I love Janssen a whole stinking lot I thought I would reciprocate today, seeing as it's her birthday. Because nothing says, "You're my besty pal forever!" more than publicly declaring my love.

Belly comparison. Me at 34 weeks with Baby 2 and Janssen at 22 (I think?) with Ella.

Despite running in intersecting circles at BYU and even meeting on at least one occasion, Janssen and I didn't become friends until I discovered her blog in 2007. The real estate market was starting to crash and so my job was grinding to a rather boring halt. Janssen was similarly dying of boredom so we wrote each other lots and lots of emails. When I searched my gmail inbox with her email address I got this:

And, actually, thanks to the fact that I needed to kill time before going somewhere, I can attest that it's actually thousands.  And as I was reading back through some of our e-mails and conversations I just have to tell you that we are hilarious.

From our Vegas trip in 2008. Kind of.

Anyway, I can tell you that Janssen is one of the most awesome people I know. She is beautiful inside and out and she has taught me much in our four years of friendship (the most useful thus far has probably been, "Just ask. The worst they can say is no," which has served me very well when it comes to refunds and all kinds of things and for which you can thank her for the whole 21 Day Challenge thing). She assures me that I'm being right-thinking and logical when Aaron is doing something that I'm pretty sure makes sense to no one but him (the PayPal incident comes to mind). She helps me online shop. She commiserates when nap time is not as nappy as it should be or when cranky babies make me feel like laying down to die on the carpet. We discuss meal planning and books and shoes. One time we had a year long competition to see who could read the most books (she won). Everyone needs a friend like that.

In honor of her birthday, would you hop your little ol' self over to Janssen's blog and leave her a happy birthday comment? Tell her she is beautiful and smart and like the wise woman of the forest. Because she is.


  1. Oh my heavens, I love you so much.

    Remember that time that Dave the Laugh pulled out the fake clown nose? Next birthday, I think you should take a picture of yourself with a red clown nose. Just food for thought. . . .

  2. Because I know she will be reading this and because I know that a mere Facebook message is not sufficient, Happy Birthday Janssen! I hope you attend the BEA yearly and anything else that might bring you to NYC. I always have a futon with your name on it. :)

    North Meets South

  3. Awww, good friends are the best!

  4. Yes - everyone needs a friend like that!

    And I love the random person sunbathing on the rock.

  5. you are just so sweet! it's one of the reasons I'm giving you a bloggy award! visit me for more details. ;)

  6. Um, can I just say that it is my fondest dream to one day take a girly trip with you and Janssen? Or maybe a whole family meet-up at a cabin with a boat and inner tubes! I love you both!

  7. Yay for besties! Isn't it great to have a friend like that? Definitely crucial for a happy life!

  8. So very sweet - happy birthday to Janssen!

  9. Such a cute post! I'm off to visit your friend's blog :)

  10. I like that that pregnancy picture of us has my nose casting a shadow that makes me look like I'm missing a front teeth. Rocking.


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