Freckles in April: Favorites

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The last link party closed this morning so I'm working on final points today and I'll be announcing the prize winners tomorrow!

I am seriously SO impressed by how well everyone did. Without me pushing, people intentionally chose to do things that were outside their comfort zones. Way to embrace the spirit of the challenge!

I want to mention a handful of girls that I felt consistently knocked it out of the park. There are actually a few more I should add but my brain is fried. Go peruse and be inspired.

Malorie of Note from Neverland (she was working around a pregnant belly!)
Kate of Iris Inspired
Complex Cardigans
Stephanie of Chocolate Laced
Kate of The Perpetual Student's Wife
Hannah of The Half House
Ali of Duck Duck Goose

I also wanted to share some of my favorites from throughout the challenge. I actually had more like 10 strong favorites from each day but I made myself pare it down to 2-3 for the sake of brevity-

Day 1 - Remix item:

Danielle's striped shirt and blazer combo. Seriously, doesn't she just look so fresh scrubbed and darling? The peach in her shirt compliments her skin so nicely.

Erica's tucked and belted cardigan. For some reason, I never would have thought to tuck in a cardigan. But it makes her look itty bitty and I love it. Plus, I made that skirt. Boo-yah.

Day 2 - Tucked in

Kileen looks absolutely fantastic. The stripes! That bangle! The purple!
Hilary used Kate Middleton as inspiration. Total class with a bit of sass from those heels.

Day 3 - Pattern mix

Perfect colors and patterns from Amy. Plus, can we talk about that hair please?? Would anyone else sacrifice a limb for red hair? No? Just me? Moving on...
Emily admitted to disliking both these outfits but I thought they were both great. Pretty colors, flattering, and age appropriate. And, hi, she did TWO outfits when a lot of people were grumbling over having to do just one. ALSO, I got a comment from her mom explaining that Emily took on the challenge as a Value Project for her Young Women's recognition at church. This is mind-blowingly awesome to me.

Day 4 - Color Block

color blocking
LOVE this color palette from KE for Now

PEGGY. Stop it. This is amazing. (and please go check out her shoes)

Day 5 - Belts

Stephanie put together this wonderfully simple, feminine outfit. 

Jenni looks so sunshiney!

 Day 6 - Unconventional (I forced myself to only pick 3 here but there were some SERIOUSLY awesome entries. I ended up giving bonus points to pretty much every body. It's really worth going back and looking at what people did..some really great inspiration!)

Julie wore her son's shirt. If only we were all so tiny...
Roxy tucked the top of this dress in and pulled it up over her bump. She also managed to fit in FOUR different challenges in one outfit (remix item, tucked in, color block and unconventional) for which I gave her a bonus point and a round of applause.
Nicole was my freshman roommate and is one of my most favorite people ever. She took her remix item (a striped shirt) and created a scarf out of it. Total win.

Day 7 - Layer accessories

Kassie put together this wonderfull eclectic mix. Way to jazz up a white tee!

Sarahlyn interwove a strand of pearls with a scarf. Brilliant, I say! Click over to see the close up.

Day 8 - Mix fancy and casual

Ali paired her husband's tuxedo shirt, a classy updo and gorgeous jewelry with jeans and a knotted belt. Hello, fancy+casual perfection.

Genevieve wore big rhinestone earrings with a plaid shirt. Totally filing this one away for future reference.
Jamie paired a bridesmaid dress with a cozy sweater and cowboy boots

Day 9 - Monochromatic

21DC: Monochrome
RA did red on red (with red earrings and toe nail polish!). That skirt makes me die a little inside with envy.

Day 9: Monochrome
Lots of people did neutrals with great success but I adored Janssen's white on white. That metallic belt gives it just enough edge and keeps it interesting.
Jamie went full on PINK. With sequins!!

Day 10 - Closet Orphan

Grace is rocking a 30 week preg bell and still looking fabulous. I love the color combo here (plus: stripes!!)

Aliska resurrected this shirt when she discovered how classic it looks tucked into high waisted pants.
Please check out the LEGS in Allie's little orphan skirt (don't you just kind of want to put her in your pocket? She's so darling)

Day 11 - Wear a dress or skirt

Day 11: Skirt or a Dress
This is Tim, our sole male participant. He got tired of taking pictures of his wife, Cait, and decided to join in. He wore a galabiya he got in Egypt (they're world travelers, those two). You can't tell me this isn't amazing.

Amazing thrifted retroness from Le Petite Lemon
Doesn't Natalie look fab in this color? And I love the shape of this dress.

Day 12 - Jazz up your jeans

Meredith pulled off what MIGHT be my favorite look of the whole challenge. Blazer over a tee plus jeans and heels? Plus a front tuck and red lips? Killer.
Mandi wore PINK DENIM. That right there was a bonus point.
Day 13 - Neutral with a pop of color

Audrey looks classy and comfortable with a black dress and pop of teal

Kayla has a fabulous name AND some fabulous yellow going on.

Day 13 - Neutral with a Pop
Merrick put together one of my favorite outfits from the whole challenge with this blue and teal combo (and that fabulous hair. Don't you just want to run your fingers through it??)

Day 14 - Copycat

Easy Petite Looks killed it with this Rachel Bilson inspired outfit

Emily copied this look of Kendi's (one of my all time favs!)
Emily took outside pictures DURING A HURRICANE. Hello, dedication. I love her take on this darling pin.

Day 15 - Try a new hair-do - There were so many that I really loved here. Well done!!

A Sharing Lettuce did this classy updo.
Rebekah pulled off a Gibson tuck.

Sammy did this gorgeous Grecian updo that has me dying for some extensions

Day 16 - Menswear

Tiffany just nailed this one. The sassy heels with an otherwise masculine kills me.
Nemesis pretty much nailed all my favorite things in one outfit here. Stripes + skinny jeans + blazer + red shoes. Win all around.

21 day challenge day 16 menswear
Melba did casual menswear as a tribute to her husband but kept it feminine with a pretty updo.

Day 17 - Repair and Wear

Cortney shortened the straps on this gorgeous blue top so it wasn't quiiite so cleavalicious. I love it with the striped cardi and skinny jeans!
Ashley did the ol' tape the hem trick on this cute gray dress. Her pose cracked me up!

Deb made the neckline of this shirt a little more modest. Go check out her blog for the close's a REALLY cool shirt.

Day 18 - Statement Jewelry

You have to click over to Heather's blog to see the close-up of her necklace. KILLER.
Looove Overcaffeinated's color blocking and awesome necklace.
Nonsensical wore this darling pendant of bejeweled horn-rimmed glasses (and that blouse is SO cute).

Day 19 -Adorn Thy Head

I want to sneak into Misty's house and steal every single thing she's wearing in this pic.

I didn't mean to pick 2 hats for favs but I really loved the combo of tee with pencil skirt with a really cool belt and that hat! From 14 Shades of Grey

Love the casual hippie kind of vibe Shopfreak got with this headscarf. Perfect with the denim skirt and white tank.

Day 20 - Sunday Shoes

gray bow heels
Marissa wore these absolutely gorgeous (and thrifted!) bow heels with jeans. Love.

Brett rocked ZEBRA print heels with cargo pants. Round of applause.
Mel's shoes are REALLY cool. Click over and check out the..bubbles? I don't even know.

Day 21 - Work it! - I really loved everyone's final outfits. Some of them actually kind of blew me away. If you get the chance, go look through them!

You guys, I am so proud of Senora H-B. She expressed some misgivings at the start of the challenge but threw herself in wholeheartedly and did SO well. I mean, LOOK at her!
Lydia mentions in her post how good she felt in this ensemble. And isn't that what it's all about? This skirt gives her such an amazing shape and the purple is gorgeous.

What were some of your favorite outfits from the challenge? Who inspired you?


  1. oh this is awesome! all of your faves in one post. i had a great time doing the challenge. thanks for all of your efforts for putting it together. i would be more than happy to help if you ever want to do it again!

  2. Yeah--I'm impressed with how you managed to spotlight so many people. Thanks for all the work you put into it. I should send you some cookies or something as a reward.

    Love you.

  3. I loved seeing the re-caps! I can't imagine how much work it took to put this post together! You must be one exhausted lady!

  4. Ooh, I love this highlight reel! So flattered to have made the cut. :) I really need to wear that skirt more often.

    I loved how FIERCE Stephanie of Chocolate Laced was/is. She was totally working it every single day.

  5. Love this recap post! And I agree that Meredith's outfit was killer!

    North Meets South

  6. Oh, how fun!!

    Thanks for running this challenge - it was so fun to participate, and a heck of a lot less pressure than the 30 for 30. (Don't get me wrong, I love the 30 for 30... but it was REALLY HARD WORK coming up with my own remix ideas. I'm lazy. lol.)

  7. I had so much fun reviewing all of these looks! One of my favorite things about this challenge (other than having fun with my clothes every day!) was finding so many other great bloggers. =) Thanks again for hosting this!

  8. Thanks so much for mentioning me, Kayla! I really enjoyed taking part in the Challenge (it was my first time doing anything like it!) and I hate that I sort of dropped out the last part of the last week...Thanks for hosting! I learned a lot, not just from you and the other fabulous women involved, but from just taking the time to get creative in my own closet. I look forward to doing this again with you in the future!

  9. This overview is SO MUCH FUN! I'm beaming from ear to ear, we all did so well pushing ourselves. I'm still so new to the bloggy world and this was a cheerful, supportive, inspiring way to get going. Thank you thank you, Kayla, for your initiative in getting us all together and thanks for the mention in your faves. I swooned a little.

  10. Kayla, you are amazing! Thank you so much for mentioning me! In all honesty, I have you to thank for all my outfits. Without the challenge, I probably would have never thought to wear some of the things I wore (in the way that I wore them!) This challenge was so much fun and I love that you took the time out to mention all your favorites! Thank you!

    -Steph from chocolate laced

  11. Oh wow! I made the "favorites" list - I'm so honored!

    Everyone did so well and this was a great experience.

  12. Okay, I totally love the favorites. Thank you so much for the mention! And thank you for helping this new mama actually GET DRESSED. I feel so much better about myself when I get ready in the morning, and now it's a habit, AND a creative outlet. Plus, I've got inspiration from all these other ladies! Kayla, you're the best. I'm with Nicole - next time you are in Utah, let me know so I can bring you cookies!

  13. Ahh thanks for the mention! I gotta say that, while I really appreciate that this challenge made me think outside the box, I also love that it brought to my attention a bunch of really talented and stylish bloggers that I wouldn't have known about otherwise. North Meets South, Perpetual Student's Wife, and Diary of a Simple Life (along with everyone else) really pinged on my radar, and I'll probably keep reading them and getting inspired by them for quite a while.

  14. I seriously cannot believe the amount of work you have put into this challenge! Excited that I made the favorites list (and laughed at your comment about my hair :)).

    I was so inspired by everyone! Loved seeing people reaching out of their comfort zones too!

  15. sweet round up! thanks for including me even though i was only a part timer. so my thoughts on the challenge: yes, weekends should be a break (like you mentioned) and: not sure if the points are necessary. i think people would participate regardless. plus i didn't get the point thing because I'm way slow. but overall it might make it easier on you, the host, too. maybe? just my two cents!

  16. Aww, thanks for the mention! I seriously love those bow shoes and every time I wear them I want to run up to people and say, "look at my shoes, don't you just love them?!" Obviously, I restrain myself but thanks for sharing the love. I had so much fun and was sad that I only learned about it/found your blog during the last week. Thanks so much for hosting it!

  17. Thanks for including me in your favorites and I must admit I had to laugh because when I did my hair like that my Husband told me, "that's pretty boring and weird." LOL You betcha I'll be showing him your post when he gets home tonight! You did a great job Kayla!

  18. You're too sweet, thanks so much for all your work in this, it was a blast! Can't wait for the next one :)

  19. Wow, THANK YOU for the shout out! I really enjoyed this challenge so much and can't thank you enough for putting it together. I love seeing all of your faves and so many awesome outfits. I'm so inspired to keep working on my outfits. It's amazing how much better I feel about myself when I feel put together. Call it silly if you want, but whatever makes me feel this self-confident is a good thing in my book.

  20. Wow! Love this post! So much work, I appreciate it!
    I loved all the comment love that your challenge created too, it my first time blogging and it was so fun to get feedback on my posts.
    I had fun checking out other people's takes on the challenge. Your challenge really did create a little blogging community!
    Thanks for the mention in this post too..such an honor and it brightened my day!

  21. Oh super cool re-cap! So much fun. Thanks for all the inspiration ladies! And thanks Kayla for all the work! Can't wait to hear the winners!

  22. Well, I am honored to be mentioned as a favorite among all those classy ladies!

  23. great recap post
    can't believe i made the cut with the heels and cargos, the most out of my box look the whole week lol
    thanks again for all you did for this challenge

  24. I didn't participate in the 21 Day Challenge. Now I really wish I had. My thought at the time was "I'm not good enough or cute enough and I hate all my clothes" but now I'm thinking A)it doesn't matter, and B)it would have helped me not walk around in tshirts and sweats every day. Dang it! I'll do it next time!

  25. Aww, thanks, Kayla! Again, thank you for putting together this whole challenge!

  26. These are so insanely fun to browse through. And you are superwoman.

  27. So fun to see so many diff ladies & their outfits here. I love hearing how so many women stepped out of the box from what they'd normally wear, & esp how they felt so great in what they were wearing. Probs to everyone! : )


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