Freckles in April: All About the Skirt

Monday, September 19, 2011

All About the Skirt

EDIT February, 2017: the posts I link to are no longer there but I found this YouTube video about how to draft a skirt block. Also, if you google "DIY skirt block" a lot of really decent looking tutorials popped up.

I got a handful of emails with questions about my skirt from Thursday's post and since I looove it I'm happy to tell you all about it.

The fabric was a remnant from SAS, a local odds n ends fabric and notions shop. The lining is white satin that I also got at SAS. The cumulative cost, including zipper, was probably less than $7.

I used a fantastic step-by-step tutorial that helps you create a custom skirt pattern using just your measurements.

Part 1 is here.
Part 2 is here.
And the post for turning it all into a pencil skirt is here.

Believe me when I say that I had not a clue what was going on with all those numbers and measurements but I just kept following directions until I had something that looked like a pattern. And the resulting skirt fit like a perfectly tailored glove from the get-go. I am absolutely smitten with my pattern and we now snuggle every night and whisper our secret plans for fall skirts to each other.

I used this tutorial to add my zipper with a lining (the tutorial is for a facing but it's the same idea).

I am ridiculously proud of this skirt. When I finished it I handed it to Aaron and ordered him to look it over and then make exclamatory noises of approval. I have had a string of really bad sewing luck lately and haven't had a project turn out in ages so I was overjoyed when this one turned out so well on the first try. The lining fit in the shell perfectly and the satin makes the dress slide so nicely when I walk or sit. The zipper went in as it should. The only thing I re-did was the hem and that was by choice. I didn't stitch as close to the edge as I could have and since I hadn't had to use my seam ripper on anything else I figured I might as well do it again.

Making the pattern was by far the most time consuming part of this whole process. Putting the skirt together was pretty quick and easy and I'm amazed at how perfectly it fits every time I pull it on. Totally worth the time and effort it takes to build the pattern if you're so inclined!


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  1. Thank you so so much for sharing this!! I can't wait to try my own!

    A Sweet Release

  2. Kayla, you're amazing. I love the zig zags, and yellow is one of my new favorite colors! I really need to find a yellow skirt...

  3. It's gorgeous! I am seriously amazed that you made it, it looks like it belongs in a high end department store! I'll be bookmarking your post in hopes that one day my schedule will open up and allow me to sew once more!
    I am loving that fabric!

  4. I'm home from vacation, have the sewing itch, and now I want to make this!! Thanks for the link :)

  5. I love this skirt! I'm not much of a sewer, but I think I can do this one!

    PS I've been following for a while (1st comment!) I just couldn't help it after running into your blog - I was born in April and also have freckles! In my book, that automatically makes us friends. haha. Keep the great posts coming!

  6. Ohh that is SO my kind of skirt! I am totally chicken when it comes to making my own pattern, i may talk myself out of trying it! Looks fantastic, i love the colors and the chevron pattern.

  7. Oh my goodness I am in love with this skirt! I just sewed my first pencil skirt... I wish mine was as cute as yours! I think i need to go to the fabric store asap...

  8. i am in awe of you and this skirt
    what a great job you did

  9. So pretty! I love the print and the color!

  10. Such a cute skirt with so many options. Love it and that you made it. WOW!

  11. yeah, this skirt is amazing! now that none of my clothes are fitting me i think i might really need to get sewing ;)

  12. this is so stunning, kayla. as someone who literately just started to sew and up to this point has only made a few really simple skirts, this is something to put in the back of my mind as a goal to work towards. i absolutely love it!

  13. so my question would be if I sent you my measurements would you be able to make one for me? I would pay obviously for your time and effort. I LOVE the yellow chevron, but any chevron would do. Let me know!

  14. What kind of fabric is the chevron pattern? How much did you need to buy?

  15. @Angie- the fabric is decorator weight. It's a lighter upholstery fabric but I'd still feel comfortable upholstering a couch in it since it's pretty sturdy. I had a couple yards in my stash but I think this project used about a yard.

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  17. love the color,cut the whole thing is very chic.....will add color to grey weathred Scotland.
    thanks for sharing

  18. ahh really love the skirt! ;)Irene Wibowo

  19. Hi there,

    this skirt is amazing! So beautiful. Im a novice to sewing and hope that you can help me. After the pattern makling, how do you go about stitching the pieces together? What about the pleat at the back?

    Thanks for sharing...absolutely love your skirt :)


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