Freckles in April: 21 Day Challenge: WINNERS!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

21 Day Challenge: WINNERS!

I think looking up the prize winners was my favorite part of this whole challenge. The random number generator would spit out a number and I'd pull up my spreadsheet and click on the link in that cell and be like, "YAY I LOVE HER, I'M SO EXCITED FOR HER!" And I got to do that six times. It was awesome.

It was also kind of interesting to see where the winning entries came from. Two from the Flickr group and four from blogs, which makes sense given the number of people participating in each group. BUT none of the winning entries came from blogging about the challenge or tweeting or bonus points. They were all just regular outfit entries (I included pictures from and links to the winning entries below). Two came from the very first day. Kind of cool.

In case you were unaware, I kept track of entries on a spreadsheet and then used a random number generator to select prize winners. It had nothing to do with personal preference, though I wish I had prizes for all of you!

Without further ado (drumrolllllll)......

The winners of the $20 eShakti gift cards:


The winner of the earrings from A Tea Leaf:


The winner of the Shabby Apple dress (or skirt):


The winner of an accessory from Down East Basics:

21DC: Repair it and wear it

The winner of a custom skirt from La Vie Petite:

Day 1
Janssen! (my squeal when her entry was drawn could have woken the dead)

Congratulations winners!! Please email me within 72 hours (if I can't get a hold of you I'll be drawing another name and it will make me very sad).


  1. AHHHH, I have NEVER won an online contest! SO EXCITED! Thank you!!

  2. Yay!! Congrats to the winners!!

  3. Kayla, you are incredible for putting this whole thing together. I'm in awe every single time you mention that you kept tallies. Must have been crazy. BLESS YOU for all the work you did for this challenge and the way you empowered women everywhere to step outside of our comfort zones!


  4. Yea! Congrats to all the lovelies who won goodies! WELL DESERVED.

  5. If I couldn't win the skirt then I'm excited that Janssen did! That almost eases the pain . . . :-)

  6. Congrats to them all! I was routing for Tim's fabulous entry for the Wear a Skirt or Dress Challenge.

  7. Wow, I'm so excited! Thank you for this opportunity. I'm anticipating the next challenge already. =)

  8. yay for the winners! awesome stuff!

  9. Wasn't that the one prize I specifically wanted most? Ah, the random integer generator is kind to me.

  10. Thank you thank you thank you!! I was dying for that skirt!!

  11. Thank you for hosting this challenge, it was so much fun! It made me excited to get dressed everyday and kept those wheels in my head churning out new outfit ideas! I hope you decide to do this again sometime. I am not even sad I didn't win, for me, the prize was thinking outside the box. Thanks again!

  12. Congratulations, ladies! This was a lot if fun and again, thanks Kayla for all the hard work it took.

  13. Woo hoo! Congrats to all the winners! Lucky! Maybe you are all on a lucky streak and should immediately go and get some lottery tickets!

  14. I love Nememis' and Janssen's blogs and now I love yours too. I'm in the not-so-fun private blogging world, but I think next time I'll try the challenge. Thanks for being so fun and fabulous. :)


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