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Saturday, August 20, 2011


Wearing clouds tunic (by me) tucked in, Macy's skirt, F21 bracelets, Kohl's slippers

I'm going to let you in on one of my dirty little secrets.

I frequently wear slippers in public.

I'm not talking about Hawaiian slippers which are actually flip flops (that's a hotly contended terminology issue in our household) but actual bedroom slippers. Kohl's sometimes carries these slippers that look like really cute felty flats and I wear them like shoes. I've done this for years. The bottoms don't hold up real well, as you might imagine, but they still somehow manage to last longer than some of my other shoes. Plus they don't beat the snot out of my feet like most flats.

I know this is a totally lame idea for this prompt but my original picture (which involved a swimsuit!) got corrupted somehow (so weird..only time it has ever happened) and I had to improvise at the last minute.

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  1. I love this...would have never thought of it! Way to work it!

  2. Awesome. If you ever sell that tunic...

    and I'm going to need to look into these slippers because my Hawaiians are getting a little old.

  3. My little blinged out black flats are "officially" slippers, too. But they are warm and cushy inside and that bling needs to be shown. It's all good, you can't kill your feet everyday.

  4. I have black flats slippers in my car. Just in case. I don't know how many times my shoes have hurt so bad that I ended up buying flip flops just so I could get home!

  5. Yup. Me too! Only mine are the Minnetonka mocs with the fur inside.

  6. Interesting... All of my slippers are actual house slippers with fluffy things and stuff, but I'm all for comfy shoes, so maybe I should check out these slippers then.

    14 Shades Of Grey

  7. That's awesome! You can't even tell they're slippers. =)

    Just a note, in case you don't catch it in my post.... I'm wearing my item to remix! =)

  8. Umm...I would really love to see the swimsuit post. You may e-mail me at your earliest re-creation and convenience. :)

  9. Your hair looks gaw-gee-us in this pic!

  10. It's like you stumbled on a little Orthodox secret, because believe it or not, I actually know several women who have these slippers and wear them as flats. Orthodox Christian church services are pretty long, and we stand most or even all of the time so comfortable shoes are a must.

    I'm really curious about what you did with the swimsuit, too. My outfit involved swimwear today, as well. Bummer about the photo.

  11. omg i just cracked up reading this because my oldest son (19 yrs) wears his slippers out in public
    unlike you ... his are old man slippers and look ridiculous
    I had to bribe him not to take them back to school with him.
    sorry i am so late today
    helping son move back to school and just got home
    have a great rest of the weekend


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