Freckles in April: No One is Watching

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

No One is Watching

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Here's a little secret I've learned since I started making a greater effort at looking nice and pulled together (and blogging about it):

No one really notices what you're wearing. 

If your outfit is really out there then people will notice, but mostly they just come away with a general impression of "she looked nice" or "she always looks so pulled together."

My dip dye skirt/dress is one of my all time most popular posts on this blog. It was shared and pinned quite a bit and I still run across it from time to time as it makes the blog and Pinterest rounds. The night I wore it as a dress we went out to dinner with some good friends. A couple weeks later I mentioned my dress to the wife and she said, "Huh. I remember that you looked really nice but I don't remember what you were wearing."

That scenario happens to me frequently. People don't remember exactly what I wore, but they remember that I tend to look nice.

I share this with you because I think this idea is very freeing. When I talk with people about my blog I keep hearing, "I'd love to try [insert trend] but [insert excuse]." But what if you knew that no one was paying enough attention to the specifics to bother judging you? Would you be more willing to try things? To branch out? To dress up a bit? To participate in the 21 Day Challenge?


  1. I think you are right. I have wanted to try dressing vintage and doing my hair in victory rolls and pretty curls, but I've been afraid to do so. But if no one is really paying attention, why not? :) Although, I bet my Freshman kids at school will tease me about it. :) LOL!

  2. when i'm fiddling with my hair or my outfit and making us late to church, my husband will tell me the same thing every time! i don't consider myself a perfectionist at all, except when it comes to hair and outfits. haha :)

  3. While what you say may be true, the fact is *I* know when I take the extra effort and time to get dressed in something pretty, something that "goes" well, something I love. And regardless if anyone else sees it or notices, I notice, and I care. And that's enough for me. :)


  4. Funny that you would post this, because this is the way I felt for a while until I talked to a girl at my work. She told me that everyday she looks at my outfits and how she is never disappointed in what I wear. Before we had this conversation I never had a hard time picking an outfit out of my closet, but now I feel like I have this extra pressure to make sure I always step it up. Needless to say I need to relax and just make sure I walk out of the house with clothes on and take the compliment for what it was.

  5. You're so right. Sometimes I'll be self-conscious about something I'm wearing, just because I'm not used to it. But really, no one is going to remember it specifically, it'll be the overall impression :)

    And I can't wait for the 21 day challenge! I'm so excited to participate!

  6. Thanks for this post! It reminded me that I should wear a dress to the pediatrician if I feel like it, even if I feel too dressy. And so I did. And I loved it. Thanks!

  7. I find this an interesting thought as I've thought along the same lines recently. Especially as a mother, it doesn't really matter what I'm wearing, everyone's attention is on Amelia. She could look like a million bucks and I could be wearing pajamas, no one would notice me at all. Very convenient when traveling on long plane flights! :0)

    On the other hand, I've spent a significant amount of time with my still single sister-in-laws this summer and have recalled the pressure they feel to dress up and look good. I watched my one SIL spend 30 minutes washing, blow-drying and styling her hair, only to turn around and go on a swimming date not an hour later. She returned home to do it all again. I tell you what, straightening my hair is a feat of perseverance that deserves to last at least 3 days. They are much more concerned and aware of what they (and others) look like. I remember being the same way back in the day... While I don't miss the pressure now, I do miss having opportunities to dress up and have others notice.


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