Freckles in April: Neutral with a Pop

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Neutral with a Pop

Gap dress, DEB undershirt, thrifted belt, Payless shoes

I had something completely different in mind and this outfit bored me to tears but I knew I was going to be spending 6ish hours in the car with 2 small children, one of whom is no longer in diapers and has a bladder the size of a walnut. This wound up being perfect (the belt is elastic and quite comfortable). It did end up getting a little pee on it during a roadside emergency pit stop so I'm kind of glad I wasn't wearing anything I really cared about.

The joys.

(This picture was taken on the 28th floor of this hotel, by the way. It was pretty swanky)

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  1. Oh, I love that dress on you! It's SO flattering. Even better that it's comfy!

  2. That dress looks gorgeous and comfortable! And that hotel room looks delightful.

  3. Like the pop of yellow here
    Perfect outfit for a long car ride!!
    Hope you have a great Saturday

  4. Yes, that is a nice hotel!!!!

    You look very statuesque in that dress. Especially with your hair up.

  5. I actually really love that outfit but I'm a fan of long dresses (on other people). The belt is fun & your hair up like that is cute. This is a perfect long car ride outfit.

  6. What are you doing in Las Vegas? We stayed in the Trump for our babymoon...such a nice hotel!

  7. Love the yellow belt! And you look tall with the dress on! Good call on a comfy outfit for that trip.

  8. I actually really love this outfit in all its simplicity and yellow-color-pop glory!

  9. Love the dress, it's so flattering.

    C x

  10. Your arms are looking super toned - what's your secret?

  11. This outfit looks classy and incredibly comfortable. Plus it easily hides a pee stain. I'd say it is a winner.


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