Freckles in April: Monochromatic

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Thrifted shirt, Target maxi and watch, Soda shoes, bracelets from Last Chance, clutch inherited from Aaron's grandma

I tried to go bold with all-over red but it was..overwhelming. Blue (well, more like turquoise?) was a little easier on the eyes. Plus, I'm so very comfortable in blue. It's my absolute favorite color.

Once upon a time my whole house was painted in varying shades of blue. I stumbled across this picture of the nursery from our old house a few days ago and it made me miss it something fierce-

Sadly, I never got a picture when the room was actually finished. But it was darn cute, I tell you!

Also, RA reminded me of this article from New York Magazine in 2008 about people who wear all one color all the time. I remember loving the idea at the time and wishing I could do blue like the first girl (who buys white Christian Louboutin shoes and colors them with electric blue sharpie. Which seems to me like some kind of fashion sacrilege).

What color did you go with? Let's see it!


  1. I need to remember to keep NOT looking at your outfit before I wear/post mine. I always have outfit envy. Reallllly love this outfit. A Maxi for me tomorrow...just wait.

    and that room...are you kidding? Good thing Julia and baby #2's room is already cinder block grey and semi put together..that room is amazing.

  2. Love the great finds you get by thrifting. Love blue.

  3. thanks for taking the time to orchestrate this challenge. i love it. i'm getting introduced to so many other blogs and bloggers. and it's a lot of fun!

  4. Neat article from NY Magazine - thanks for sharing!

  5. I've never worn the "monochromatic look" before, but I love it! Thanks for doing this challenge.

    My darn camera broke this morning, but I'm going to try to keep up with the challenge by either adding pics (via cellphone) to the Flickr group or by borrowing someone's camera. =)

  6. Ha, I went with blue as well
    When I was in the 10th grade I got to redecorate my room. I told my mother I wanted it to be like an ocean of blue. We painted the walls a beautiful rich dark blue and the carpet was the same and everything else in the room was pink and white.
    Thank goodness she talked me into the pink and white accents right!!
    I love your look today!

  7. How/where did you get that tree decal on the nursery wall??

    Tutorial please???

  8. Love it! I did blue, as well :)

    Love the tree on the wall. Assuming you painted that? Its gorgeous. I love blues. So relaxing and tranquil.

  9. You look great and comfy!

    I also love the nursery wall! SO cool!

  10. That blue looks so pretty on you! The clutch is a great accessory and it's so sweet that it has special meaning to you.

    I too want to say thanks for heading up this challenge. I've had such fun looking at everyone's links and blogs. The world really is getting smaller. :-)

  11. Love the blues! They look great on you and in your nursery. That tree is beautiful.

  12. i didn't get a monochrome look in today, but i still added my photo since i'm wearing my remix item. hope that is ok! i'm excited to find an orphan to wear tomorrow! :)

  13. I saw a woman at the grocery store today wearing a mostly green (with some white) skirt and a green shirt. I thought of your monochromatic challenge. An unknowing participant. I'm not participating myself because I'm pregnant and have about 4 shirts that actually fit. That and the fact that I'm a tired, tired, pregnant lady (I have a 2-year-old). However, I love the challenges. What a great idea.

  14. I love this outfit. It brings out your pretty eyes, so gorgeous! I wore blue as well today, but forgot to take a picture until the end of the day when I was covered with the day's leftovers. I'm hoping to clean up the outfit tonight and take my picture tomorrow :)

  15. love this...I am your newest follower!


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