Freckles in April: Jazzing My Jeans

Friday, August 26, 2011

Jazzing My Jeans

Mervyn's top, Gap Jeans, F21 bracelets, old wedges, Aaron's belt

Yes, those are jazz hands. I couldn't help myself.

Sorry guys, I screwed up a bit on this one. I mistyped the prompt when I did the weekly list and put "jeans and a tee" when it was just supposed to be "jeans." So..pretty much whatever you do today is fine by me as long as you're wearing denim.

I MEANT to just says jeans and let you take it whatever direction you want. I forced myself to do a t-shirt because I don't wear them that much anymore and I always feel kind of frumpy. I decided as long as I do my hair and throw on a couple bangles then it at least looks intentional.

I was searching for a rogue bobby pin that was jabbing me and Aaron snapped. Reminds me of this pic of Blake Lively. If only...

How'd you fancy up your denim? Link up below!


  1. Okay, I totally thought that you meant that Aaron got mad at you when you were looking for your bobby pin. Like, "KAYLA, WILL YOU STOP DOING THAT?!"

    And then I realized that you meant that he snapped the picture. Ah ha.

  2. glad you cleared that up because i was oh so confused!!
    went with the jeans and t prompt cuz that is what it said on my post it in my closet this morning
    ha ha
    love jeans and a t and may i say YES, you are looking like a dark haired Blake.
    now where is Leo hinding in that pic???
    have a great weekend

  3. Your hair looks AMAZING!!!!!

  4. RA- Ha! I thought the same thing while I was typing and forgot to go back and edit. Oh well.

  5. You're like the brunette Blake! Beautiful!

  6. That's a fab photo. Love love love your hair!

  7. Seriously, your hair's volume today is something fierce. Did your infamous spray do that???

  8. Thanks you for the jazz hands. We all need a little jazz hands for a Friday. Hah!

  9. What's funny is I thought that this prompt was very specific! I actually liked it. It was a bit more of a challenge. I love that you decided to do fancy hair to dress it up! It looks so good! Great idea!

  10. Your jazz hands made me LOL.


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