Freckles in April: Color Blocking

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Color Blocking

Wearing Michael by Michael Kors top (thrifted), NY&Co dress, thrifted belt, assorted bracelets were gifts

Yes, I am a giant walking valentine. I've made my peace.

I was kind of struggling with the color blocking (we've had a rough few days around here and my brain was fried) and then I remembered this:


And I was like, Well thank you, Bill, I think I will.

Link up your color blocking below!


  1. Putting two totally different solid colors together is hard on my brain. But the outcome is beautiful. Especially your combo!

  2. That is really pretty, Kayla! The color of the skirt is so feminine and the top is so bright. They complement each other well!

  3. Nothing like staying in the same color family--you even got the tones right here, with the tomato red and the blush pink. Just lovely!

  4. I like yours. I really want that dress. And like you, I'm in pinks and purples today, so happy valentines day ;).

  5. I feel like color-blocking was made for me, because I own so many solids in my closet. This is an adorable outfit. I'm loving the drape of the skirt.

  6. We both did maxi today :)
    I think I like yours better though! You look fab!

  7. Love the look you came up with, very Ralph Lauren, even though your inspiration was Bill Blass!
    I am so enjoying the 21 day challenge.
    Thanks again for sponsoring it.

  8. I am loving this challenge! I was talked into doing it by my sister and am having an absolute blast! I wish someone would tell me a prompt to get dressed everyday ;)

  9. That Bill Blass quote is one of my favorites-- your outfit is just lovely.

  10. Really happy I didn't look at this before I got dressed...really j. love it.

  11. You look amazing! I love your dress turned skirt.

  12. Ok, perhaps this has been answered, but do I have to link up on the blog AND Flickr? I'm coming late to the game and excited to participate!

  13. Ok, I decided to go ahead and try even though I'm a little late!
    I wanted to let you know a) I blogged about the 21 Day Challenge today (I know it is too late for points but still wanted you to know :)) and b) am following you via google!
    Really excited after seeing what's up for next week!

  14. I re-posted my link because it wouldn't work. IDK why. That is why there are two from me.


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