Freckles in April: 21 Day Challenge: Week 3

Friday, August 26, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Week 3

Woohoo, it's the last week! Bring it, y'all.

(I just said y'all. And yesterday I almost bought some booties. I don't even know who I am anymore)

Sunday, August 28: Copycat! Recreate an outfit you love from a catalog, blog, etc.
Monday, August 29: Try something new with your hair
Tuesday, August 30: Menswear
Wednesday, August 31: Pull something from your repair pile, fix it and wear it
Thursday, September 1: Statement jewelry
Friday, September 2: Wear something on your head
Saturday, September 3: Wear Sunday shoes
Sunday, September 4: Work it! Use all your newfound dressing confidence to put together a killer outfit that works for you!


  1. So exciting! I spend about 30 minutes every night planning my outfit for the next day. This challenge is definitely expanding my horizons and making me love my closet!

    Thanks for hosting - Can't wait for week 3!

  2. I've been toying with the booties thing for awhile. Ok, next time I find some that are cute AND a steal, I'm going to finally pull the trigger.

  3. I'm from Texas and y'all has always been in my vocab! So you keep right on and saying it! :o) Oh and thanks for all the hard work you do! You're amazing and I've loved the Challenges!

  4. boo for the last week! Kayla, are you going to do another set of challenges? I'm going to miss it!

  5. I vote for doing another challenge in the fall or winter! Even without prizes, just for fun. Several days I've thought, oh, and that would go with these boots and this cardigan and those leggings . . . oh wait, it's 95 degrees outside. :)

  6. I think may be my hardest week yet! I never do things with my hair, so I'm excited for the challenge! You've done so much hard work! Thanks again for hosting such a great 'event'!

  7. Agreed - another cooler weather-themed challenge would be fab. :) And ditto everyone else - thanks for hosting such a fun event!


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