Freckles in April: 21 Day Challenge: Week 2

Friday, August 19, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Week 2

You guys are doing SO awesome. I can't believe the amount of participation we've had! It makes me SO proud to read blog posts like, "This really scared me but..." and then they pull it off like they've been doing it daily for years. I love that you're stretching yourselves and trying new things and, best of all, supporting each other. Keep up the comment love!

Are you ready for week 2??

Sunday, August 21: Layer accessories
Monday, August 22: Mix fancy and casual
Tuesday, August 23: Monochrome
Wednesday, August 24: Wear a closet orphan
Thursday, August 25: Wear a dress or skirt
Friday, August 26: Jazz up jeans and a tee
Saturday, August 27: Neutral base with a pop of color


  1. This has been so fun! Thanks so much for hosting this challenge! I'm soooo ready for week two (or am I?)

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  3. This has been such a great experience so far. Thanks so much for all your hard work hosting this. Looking forward to week 2!

  4. Very excited for Week 2! This has been fun so far!

  5. This HAS been SO fun. love it, thanks for doing it!

  6. for friday, what about those of us who work in an office and whose dress code doesn't allow jeans? would incorporating denim in another way (like a denim shirt) be acceptable? i'll see what i can come up with, otherwise i just won't be able to participate that day! thanks kayla, this looks like a fun week!

  7. I definitely read closet orphan as closet apron. So glad it wasn't an apron because I totally don't have one not to mention I thought it'd be odd! lol

  8. So, Tim has decided to participate (are men even allowed to? Tim was sick of taking my pictures and decided he wanted to be in some instead, and now he is more into it than me). And then I just saw "Wear a dress or skirt"... he may have to get creative on that one.

  9. as far as our remix item
    are you going to prompt us to wear it or do we
    just incorporate it 2 more times into the challenge??

  10. um. not to sound ignorant. but. what is a closet orphan?

  11. Rose- Something that has been abandoned and hasn't been worn for a while :)


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