Freckles in April: 21 Day Challenge Sponsor: A Tea Leaf

Friday, August 5, 2011

21 Day Challenge Sponsor: A Tea Leaf

Alissa of A Tea Leaf  is a crafter, artist and graphic designer from Portland, Oregon. I found her lovely shop through an Etsy search for "freckles" (of course) and fell in love with everything in it. She sells some really neat prints as well as pretty jewelry. How could I not love these earrings??

One 21 Day Challenge participant will receive these gorgeous blue Freckles in Her Eyes earrings from A Tea Leaf!

 You can also find Alissa at her blog, on facebook and Twitter.


  1. sooo pretty! I'm planning to come play, but it will have to wait until the-most-stressful-time-of-my-life-in-the-last-year is over. That is until August 18. I'm excited that I can join in a little late and still play along!

  2. Those are so pretty!! And I'm born and raised in Portland, OR so I'm even more excited!

  3. So pretty! I think I'm going to join in the fun!! I'm excited :)

  4. so beautiful!


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