Freckles in April: 21 Day Challenge Sponsor: eShakti

Thursday, August 11, 2011

21 Day Challenge Sponsor: eShakti

 You may perhaps recall my eShakti dress review back in May. To quote myself:
Ever since I first heard of eShakti I was in love with the idea behind the business. You can order clothing normally by size or, for a small fee, get it customized. You can add sleeves, lower a hemline, raise a neckline, get something custom made for your measurements. Great idea, right? Especially if you're trying to stay a bit more covered.
Well, lucky ducks, eShakti is giving a $20 credit to TWO 21 Day Challenge participants! You can pick up a pretty little bauble for yourself or perhaps put it toward a pretty dress, skirt or top.

From eShakti

Keep up with eShakti on their Twitter or Facebook page!

PLUS, between now and September 15th, Freckles in April readers can get $20 off their eShakti purchase with the code FIAPRIL0811.* So if you've been eyeballing one of their pretty dresses, now is your chance!

* Fine print: The discount code is not case sensitive. Only one gift certificate can be used per order. The code can be used any number of times until the validity period. This discount code is not applicable on Overstock. This cannot be clubbed with any other offer or discount that may be active during this period.

Have you blogged or tweeted about the challenge yet? Today Tomorrow (oops) is the last day to earn points for spreading the word!

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  1. You seriously have the BEST sponsors! I'm totally joining in. ;)

  2. What dress are you wearing? I want it!

  3. LOVE the new look on your blog. And I've tweeted this.

  4. so pretty! love that little bow

  5. I will be participating in the challenge. I just blogged about it:

    I am also a follower of your blog.
    I think my email is attached to my profile, but if it isn't it is

  6. I like the new blog design! & i'm excited about this 21 day challenge!

  7. I've tweeted about the challenge and blogged about it (on my other blog) I've told you before, but you're also on my blog roll, on both blogs even, the one attached to this email and the one I just mentioned. Sheesh, the 21 day challenge is all over the place.

  8. I've blogged and tweeted! and @nataliejbean

    my email should be attached, but if not
    nataliejbean at gmail

  9. I tweeted about the challenge! I'm so ridiculously excited about it...

  10. I tweeted about this! User tls63, also name on flickr. Can't wait!

    I don't know if my email is linked, so it's tamarabaird(at)juno(dot)com


  11. Blogged it, tweeted it, added the button, will promote shamelessly in the hopes of winning something awesome.;)

    Also, I really can't wait to get to the point where I can use the phrase, "to quote myself." I'm pretty sure there's a scene in My Fair Lady where Henry Higgins reads something out of a reference book and comments on the astuteness of the author, only to look and see that the author was, in fact, himself. You've arrived, my friend.

  12. I blogged about the challenge at, put your blog in my blogroll, and tweeted about the challenge (@cutestains). I'm so excited for this challenge!

  13. I tweeted it!


    (Peanut butter Handprint)

  14. So funny. I saw this pic and thought I remember this cute dress. It's so super cute I didn't ever forget about it.

  15. It's like the heavens are punishing me for not using twitter and for having a private blog. :( It's always better when an underdog proves victorious though, right? Dangit, one day I will win something!!

  16. Throughkseyes- it's this dress:

    I love it!!

  17. i love that dress. $20 off?! that's awesome. i may have to take a look...

  18. Awesome! I just blogged about the 21 Day Challenge and I am so participating! Check it out here:

  19. I just used the discount code, and it WAS case sensitive for me. It had to be lower case.

  20. I want that dress! It is so cute. Love the color, the waistline.... there are so many great things going on.


  21. Eeeekkk!!! I'm so excited to see another blogger wearing eShakti! They just approached me last week to do a product review and I can't wait! I'm freakishly tall so the idea of customizing clothes to fit me just right is amazing!


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