Freckles in April: 21 Day Challenge Question and Answer

Friday, August 12, 2011

21 Day Challenge Question and Answer

This question came from an anonymous commenter and I felt like it merited a real response.

Q. Sorry, but I just have to say this...(and yes I'm staying anon for a reason)

I don't like it when you (and other bloggers b/c this is VERY common) do these giveaways and ask us to blog or tweet about it for an extra entry.

I get that you're trying to bring more traffic to your blog but as a non-blogger and non-tweeter, this is VERY discouraging. It's setting us non-bloggers up for failure straight out of the gate.

I'd love to do this challenge, but I won't be doing it. I wish we (non bloggers/Twitter users)could start on equal footing as everyone else.

Want more participation? Make it more inviting for us non bloggers. 

A. I'll be honest, I hate when people require you to do things in order to enter giveaways. I will not be your public follower (I use Google Reader, which is private). I will not 'like' you on facebook. Except for rare cases I will not blog or tweet about it. It is the blog owner's prerogative to require these things and I don't fault them but it just means that I rarely enter giveaways anymore.

That being said, this is not your average giveaway and I asked people to blog or tweet about the challenge for a few reasons:

1. Blogging about the fact that you're going to do something helps you feel accountable to actually DO it. People who blogged about it are more likely to actually participate and follow through.

2. I almost pulled the plug on this whole thing at the very last minute because I was struck with a sudden and overwhelming terror that no one would participate and I would sit here feeling like a big fat loser for 3 weeks. Making it worth people's time to share my challenge makes it less likely that I will be crying into my smoothie each morning because the Flickr group and link parties are met with the internet equivalent of chirping crickets.

3. And yes, the traffic is nice. But since I don't have any advertisers or anything my traffic doesn't matter much so please don't think that was my main motivating factor.

And, I have to tell you, I think I did a decent job making this challenge open to non bloggers by including a Flickr group instead of limiting it to people with blogs. Anyone with a camera and an internet connection can participate. And there are plenty of points up for grabs during the actual challenge (including a fair number of bonus points). Not being able to blog about it doesn't put non-bloggers at too much of a disadvantage.

Also, I would hope that it's not totally about the prizes for everyone. I think the challenge will be fun all by itself. The prizes were an afterthought when I realized that I wanted to do something nice for my readers to say thank you for all the love and support over the past almost year since I've been blogging again.

The list of prompts for the first week goes up tomorrow. I'm so excited to get this thing started!


  1. there is always going to be a nay-sayer. I was actually really struck by the fact that you were making it so easy for those who don't blog to be apart of it, because most of the challenges like this don't do that. Plus who's to say you even have to upload a photo to participate in it. No you wont get the prizes, but I don't think that's what this is really about. It's about being creative and building on a central inspiration for the day. Yeah the prizes are a really nice thing, and of course I'd love to win, but I would still participate without them becuase this is just such a fun idea!

  2. Love a good spoil sport.

    Way to handle it with grace and class.

    Glassy lady.

  3. You can find out who wrote that comment. All you have to do is go to your traffic statistics and find the ip address and find out when that address matches up with other times comments have been made.

    But if you just want to forget about it and move on, I can totally understand that as well. I am looking forward to seeing the prompts. I'm not planning on posting to Flickr, but I am planning on participating in the challenge because I want to ramp up my stay-at-home-mom style. So know that people are participating, even if you can't see it (:

  4. My thoughts for Anon: I did Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge without a blog. A friend and I just did it! We sent each other the pictures, we talked with each other about what was working and what wasn't. We chose to do it ourselves, without any credit or props from anyone else. Frankly, I could choose to do that with the 21 Day Challenge too! Who says you have to blog about things to be part of the fun? And prizes? Well, let's face it. If you want to win the lottery, you have to buy a ticket. If you aren't going to buy a ticket, it's not fair to blame the lottery for not giving you money. Everyone needs to find their own comfort level, and choose to join or not at that level. It's not realistic to expect everyone to cater to your level of involvement - you choose it, and you reap the benefits or the losses.
    My thoughts for Kayla: I'm grateful you set the challenge the way you did. I have a new blog that I'm just getting up and running, and I was looking for great opportunities to get involved with others in fun ways! So I'm grateful that even though my blog isn't fancy shmancy, I can still participate. And I'm grateful that I have had the kick in the pants I needed to get cracking on my new blog! This challenge is going to help me not only push myself in the intended manner, but also push myself to work hard on making my blog what I want it to be over the next 3 weeks. Thanks, Kayla.

  5. Great response! As a new mommyblogger, I'm excited to be participating in something new and fun that will force me to stop pretending that my yoga pants are everyday wear. :o) I'll be participating and blogged about the challenge today and added you to my blog roll! Thanks Kayla for coming up with this idea. I'm so excited.

    p.s LOVE the "any trolls will be dragged into the trees and beaten soundly" disclaimer. Genius.

  6. I'm actually going to participate in the challenge to get me started making outfit posts on my blog. I have been wanting to for a long time, but I never actually knew how to do it - I always thought it was kind of vein of me to just start posting pictures because I like my outfits. This challenge gives me a reason to post the pictures, and in turn hopefully continue on even after the challenge. I'm really excited about it! :)


  7.'s disappointing for the criticism to be focused on the giveaways. Do they really even matter? Isn't the point to simply try something new and a giveaway is just an added bonus? Thanks for risking tears mixed with smoothies for us! I'm a bit nervous about the challenge of posting everyday, but I'll be there with you!!

  8. Don't worry about negative people too much. If they are taking the time to write to you, knowing that nothing but bringing you down will come of it, then they are a sad person to start with. I wish Anon good luck with finding happiness. As for you and the challenge, I think they are both awesome and can't wait to start!

  9. I'm excited for this! I want to meet new people and such so I think this will be fun! I love that you have the flickr group so that when it doesn't work to blog about it, I will still be able to participate!

  10. I got a very prompt and friendly response from you when I asked about being a non blogger/non tweeter. I chose to post it on my facebook page :) I appreciate you doing this contest. I'm sure it took a lot of hard work and I'm super excited to participate! My sister and I are gonna do it together while I'm home on vacation!
    Thanks again!

  11. Good question and nice reponse! Just found your blog, and love it. I'm following you via bloglovin. I mostly follow blogs on modest but stylish dressing, though of course, modesty is different for everyone. :)

    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  12. Well, gosh. I choose not to do twitter and post to my blog because I'm lazy. Straight up. BUT, I am excited to vamp up my daily wear and try new things! I've been blog perusing for awhile and always talking my poor hubby's ear off about all the things you girls are doing to look cute and pulled together every day. I fully intend to participate through the Flickr account.

  13. I've never been able to participate in anything because I don't have a blog. I'm so excited about the Flickr thing! Looking forward to this challenge! Thanks for making it available to nonbloggers!


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