Freckles in April: 21 Day Challenge: Day 11 > Wear a dress or skirt

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

21 Day Challenge: Day 11 > Wear a dress or skirt

I knew if I really wanted to stick with this fashion blogger thing I was going to have to embrace skirts and dresses in non-Church settings. We live in such a casual culture that it was hard to get myself to be mentally ok with wearing a skirt to the post office. It felt awkward the first few times but eventually I realized no one else cared and now I wear them everywhere and love it. Jeans feel kind of weird these days, actually.


Meredith does casual skirts really well

Kendi regularly rocks skirts and dresses
And then there's Angela, who consistently classes up the joint with her regular skirt wearing.

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  1. I'm back enjoying dresses -- after working at an agency that required us to wear dresses - I took a break. Now, back and like you say - they are comfortable and fun wherever you go.

  2. I wear dresses almost every single day! Honestly, one of the hardest things about the 21 day challenge way having to wear pants now and then.

  3. i was totally surprised to see myself in this post. haha, thanks kayla! it's true - i've been wearing skirts a LOT lately. can't deal with much else in this heat.

  4. i still feel funny wearing dresses and skirts. i have to remember how to sit "appropriately," lol.

  5. I also used to feel weird wearing dresses everywhere. Even if it was a cotton jersey dress people would ask me why I was so dressed up. But I've been wearing them so much since I started blogging and I agree--jeans are starting to feel funny!

  6. Jeans feel SO weird nowadays. I've only worn jeans three times this summer (twice recorded on my blog) and I feel so constricted in them. I'm excited for this challenge!

    -Steph from chocolate laced

  7. I totally agree! I've never worn skirts and dresses as much before I started fashion blogging. And now I love it!


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