Freckles in April: White Out

Friday, July 15, 2011

White Out

Wearing thrifted dress, Old Navy Necklace, Mervyn's heels, Kohl's jacket, Target watch, belt from another skirt

I've been seeing white dresses around the fashion blogosphere and got a serious case of wanting but just couldn't bring myself to spend, oh, $250 on a white dress (for reals, those are the kinds of dresses people are posting about. WHO has $250 to spend on a non-wedding white dress??).

Then I found this one at Goodwill. It was a little too big and the armholes hung low enough that you could see my bra. Two minutes at my sewing machine and the problem was solved and I have myself a floaty white dress for summer. I've actually been wearing it a ton but somehow haven't gotten a picture until now.

It has been a surprisingly versatile find. Today I toned down the sweetness with studded heels and a cropped jacket but for date night a couple weeks ago I played it up with loose waves and a pink cardigan (it may be 120 out but the A/C around here can be killer. I don't go anywhere without a sweater in the summer). Aaron and I both love this dress, which puts it in a small, elite group of Clothing We Agree Upon. It always feels like a small miracle when that happens.

Does anyone else feel weird when they see themselves in profile? I feel like I don't really look like this but OBVIOUSLY I do.

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  1. What a beautiful find! It looks amazing on you. And your hair is looking quite fabulous today!


  2. I seriously LOVE your hair! And your jacket is fabulous! I've been following you for a long time, and couldn't help but comment on your hair. Thanks for the rockin' blog!

    Hi! I’m Rachel and I’m Not the Modeling Type.

  3. Now I've got a serious case of wanting! I love it and your hair! And I can totally relate to my husband not agreeing on what looks fashionable and what doesn't... lol

  4. The dress look amazing on you...such a great find!

  5. your hair... lovely. and that dress is a great find too.

  6. A little white dress is on my short list of things I want next time I go a-thriftin'. And I agree - I look totally different in profile. The shame is, I think I might like me better in profile. I should just approach people sideways.

  7. you look so pretty! i LOVE white dresses! something about the simplicity makes me want to wear one every day! haha. i love your hair also!

  8. I totally feel like I look weird in my profile and I know what you mean by thinking that is not how you look. Ha ha! Your funny! I also love that dress and jacket!


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