Freckles in April: Summer with Kids: Painting

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer with Kids: Painting

Stinky recognizes one letter of the alphabet consistently so when he saw this wood W at JoAnn's he was super excited. It was $2.50, which is a little more than I really wanted to spend on a wood letter, but whatever. It's a learning tool, right?

The paints were really cheap. I think they were less than 50 cents apiece at JoAnn's and I just got primary colors. Foam brushes are even cheaper (I think I got 4 for 99 cents and I've had them for a couple years now).

Bracelet alert!

Old shirt of daddy's

Done! I touched up the sides a bit but otherwise it was all him.

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  1. That's adorable! I dread have Miss C.'s crafts around the house because I'm afraid my home will turn out into a daycare classroom (you know, with the finger painted mobiles hanging from the ceiling and the dry leaves plastered on paper with colored glue and glitter). But this is really cute, and it's just a personal touch. Very cute! :)


    Ana Paula - Pretty in Polka Dots


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