Freckles in April: A Rebuttal

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Rebuttal

This morning Erica implied that my children are good birth control. She might have a point.

However, I would like to defend their good name and demonstrate that they are not always tiny crazy people hell bent on destroying things. Sometimes they are really really cute. None of these pictures are recent, as per my blog policy, but you get the idea.

I present the people's defense exhibits A through G.

Baby 2 in October 2010

Baby 2 doing yoga

Baby 2 in July 2010

Stinky in 2010 in his old man sweater (my faaavorite thing in both their closets) (ignore the mess in the background, I was packing up to move)

Baby Stink in 2008
Baby Stinky on Pi Day, 2008
Me and newborn Baby Stinky

The defense rests, Your Honor.


  1. hahaha. Simon says the saaaame thing about Julia every day...that she is the baby people look at and say, "we will NEVER have kids"

    maybe she is.

    gosh they are SO cute. makes me really want this babe to be a little boy.

  2. Haha! Love this post. They are adorable and well worth the destruction, I'm sure.

    North Meets South

  3. precious darlings!

  4. Oh the cuteness. Ack.

    Also, my new visiting teachee last year brought me a pie on pi day. That's when I knew we needed to be friends.

  5. Aw, precious pictures! Your little boys are too cute.

  6. Your boys ar eadorable. I also have tweo boys, it thimes they are the bane of my existence,(ha!) but I would not trade them for anything!!

  7. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Seriously so cute. I love the pic of baby #2 doing yoga. You need to sneak more photos of the boys into your blog! :)


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