Freckles in April: Love

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Last week the doorbell rang and I opened it to a deliveryman bearing flowers and chocolates. I thought maybe my mom or someone from church had sent them because we had been sick since, oh, the beginning of time.

I don't think I really possess the vocabulary for how surprised I was to open the card and see that it was all from Aaron. He is not a gift giver, that one. Certainly not the type to get me flowers just because. I'm hoping that my appreciation was expressed in such a way* that he will learn that this is a Good Thing that should be repeated on a regular basis. I could get used to having pretty flowers on my table all the time...

*upon rereading this sounds super scandalous. I just meant that I made a really really big deal out of it!

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  1. Keeper!

    I currently have an enormous bunch of white mums on the table from Ella's birthday party and I keep thinking, "Hmm, should ALWAYS have flowers on the table."

  2. I love the "*" - read Titus 1:15. You'll get a good laugh.

  3. So pretty! It is always fun to be showered with gifts. :)

    I just adore your blog title! Very clever!


  4. haha how cute! my husband [also named aaron] isn't much of a flower-giver either so i'm thinking i need to read him this and maybe he'll get the hint :)

  5. really, flowers are the best. i'm grateful that clint learned that a couple years into our marriage. [there were a few rough patches there... like when he didn't get me flowers on my college graduation day. does it make me a brat that i was sad about that? yeah, oh well :)]


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