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Saturday, July 16, 2011

From the Archives

I wrote this post almost exactly a year ago on my old blog but it's appropriate now that we're going through another monsoon season.

The first year we lived here (1999) had the most amazing monsoon season. The days were thick with that dry heat we're so famous for but then around 4 each afternoon these dark, towering, billowy clouds would appear and we had incredible storms night after night. Our house at the time had this concrete patio that got super slick when it was wet and my siblings and I would go out and slide around on it while the thunder rolled and lightning flashed all around us. We thought we had moved to the neatest place ever.

Sadly, there hasn't been a season like that since. I think we've mostly had drought years ever since we moved here which, in a desert, is extra depressing.

(Except for this storm in 2008. I took this video from our front patio.

Is it weird to insert an entire video into a parenthetical aside?)

This monsoon season has been incredibly wimpy but the evenings have been gorgeous.

(all pictures taken by my dad)

In front of their house

Their backyard. We LOVE when it gets like this. It's this wonderful sleepy gray half light that comes when storms roll in. I wish I could make this picture scratch n'sniff because the smell that comes before the rain is amazing.

Ya know, sometimes I really love it here.

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  1. those are incredible photos! It is (finally) not triple digits in Houston. It is a sleepy-grey-cloud day like you mentioned. And... please figure out how to make blog pictures scratch n' sniff.

  2. I remember that night. It WAS amazing! I'd give anything for another night like it. Didn't you guys send in a picture of the lightning to the news that night too? :)


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